Saturday, 9 November 2013

starters stash

What a blast from the past!!  I have spent the last few days, whenever I had a spare moment, getting all my old, old  fabrics sorted & bundled up nicely. And then I just wasn't too sure what to do with them all next !
We had a bit of a discussion at our last Monday Modern group about fabric & who would want/need/use my mis-mash of fabrics, you know ..."one man's trash is another man's treasure," etc.
So, with that old saying in mind, I decided I would  try & see if anyone did indeed want any fabric I no longer wanted !!!    I signed up on Trade Me, a first for me, & away I went  ........... "24 bundles of assorted fabric, approx. 20 different fabrics in each bundle, dating back as far as 1986. Selection ranging from minimum size of 1/8th to fat 1/4, some used, some untouched. Ideal instant starters stash or perfect for vintage, scrap or charity quilts.  To be sold as one lot." 
Here they all are.....

And a few close ups........

Pop on over to Trade Me to watch the fun!!
It's so exciting!!!


  1. Good for you! I think someone will be over the moon to get this lot!

  2. All of someone's Christmases will come at once with that haul!

    1. for sure!!! bidding is now past the reserve so it's v. exciting!! L

  3. Hi Linda ( and Friends) I am Ruth the winner of the Stash, what a perfect beginners stash it is, I was blown away by the fabrics, 2 hours just spent looking at them and feeling them. I am a new Quilter, in fact I had just done one Block Quilt as a trial to see if I liked it (used a friends machine). Loved it so much went and bought a mid range machine and started looking on Trade Me for fabric, bamn my timing was perfect and LINDA was a doll with making things so easy and dropping a couple of extra items ( including mags which I needed as one contains beginner tips :P) SO a WIN WIN for both of us. Now I can hardly wait to get back home (actually on holiday in tauranga atm ) and zoom zoom stitch. PS Even Hubby is happy :)


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