Sunday, 26 January 2014

a summer garden party

After spending time tidying up in the garden all morning I thought I'd relax with a bit of sewing. I'm working on my 16 patch quilt and, I must admit, it's been a bit tricky! 
I really thought I'd just combine fabrics, mainly greens & pinks, and things would be great!!   
Well, you know... there's many many different greens and many many pinks!  It was suddenly beginning to look very shabby chic, not at all what I wanted!!!      
I needed to go back to my starting point.
What I had in mind was a summer garden party....leafly greens/pinks/soft blues, with just a touch of something deeper...that's what I wanted!  So to help, this afternoon I put together a few ideas -  my collection of oriental pretties sitting alongside assorted blue & white china, mum's 80th "high tea" setting in her garden, my daughter's wedding bouquet, my mis- matched cups & saucers, and of course the quilt that started all this!!!

A kind of mood board, I guess?
And then I got busy sewing...... 

p.s. Here's a photo update......


  1. Did your mood board work?? Has the quilt started to look more how you imagined it would?

  2. well... It's slowly coming along. All I can say is that's it's really easy to pick out the combinations that DON'T work!!!! Linda


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