Friday, 11 April 2014

a sudden productive spell!

Lots happening around here in my little sewing room!
If you pop by my blog occasionally, you will have seen that I've been busy with a couple of easily pieced scrappy quilts, using up all those fabric bits, trying to keep a check on the overflowing basket under my sewing table! 

Making a quick quilt can be very rewarding.
They're a fast fix for that creative need. They are perfect for when there's time constraints. And they use up some of the ever-growing stash of fabric we all have!
I especially love...trying to make fabric choices that ensure contrast & value, and including a bit of complex piecing that can take time - but adds so much, and making those final decsions about borders & binding that can make or break it...

... and best of all, seeing people's reactions when you gift one of your quilts. 

It also feels good to make something a bit more complex, you know like having a project brewing away in the background, slowly, slowly!  Do you find it interesting to follow someone's blog, watching how their special project grows over a period of time & turns into something? I know I do!
For example, I love checking in with Megan @ & seeing her progress on her "Gypsy Wife" QAL.  And seeing how Karyn is going with her hand piecing on all those circles over @
At present, Vintage Spin quilt is my "something", my "slow burner" project.
It is taking a bit of time, and the main reason for that is  - I do get a bit bored making the same block over & over!!  However, once in a while I make a couple more...

Holding my breathe each time I sew the two 1/2's together,

hoping it'll lay flat when I open it out!

Squaring up the circle, hoping they all end up the same size!
I'm aiming for 13 1/2" blocks finished

Thanx for stopping by & reading!


  1. I love watching people's projects grow - the blocks you are making intrigue me - I would be holding my breath with each one too. They look lovely.

    1. I just wish I had a plastic template!!! L

  2. I love watching other people's quilt ideas from start to finish, the combination of colours I would not normally look at. The shapes I haven't had the nerve to try yet. Mostly though it's the process to the finish that gets me, seeing the item finished is good but the piecing together is what I love more

    1. me too...I enjoy the creative aspect of it all ( is that right or left side of the brain?), changing midway if something's not quite right, and, of course, using up my stash! L

  3. Love that Vintage Spin block - who says brown can't be fun!

    1. thanx Laurina. Yep, I'm just discovering that there's lots of scope for the colour "brown"!!! L


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