Friday, 28 November 2014

in the pink

in the garden

lovely liberties

present WiP 

last minute sewing

  • My sweet peas have just started flowering this week. So tempted to cut some & bring them indoors, but I'm waiting until there's just a few more!
  • This year I have been collecting little bits of Liberties from Westwood Arces. There are quite a few of them now and they all look so pretty, this latest bundle was particularly pink! A couple of weeks ago I thought it was time I made something from them and I started out using this pattern here but I'm cutting my HST's a bit differently. It's all looking good and I really really just wanted to keep sewing... 
  • ... but right now I'm on a bit of a mission!  My daughter belongs to the local La Leche group and they are fundraising this Sunday with a table at the children's market on Herald Island. I promised a while ago that I'd donate a couple of quilts. Luckily, I do like to have a few unfinished quilts here, just waiting for a home to go to, including a simple squares quilt which I have made several versions of now. But of course, I've left everything to the very last minute - it's a family trait!- and so I need to get a wriggle on and quickly put the binding on two or maybe three little quilts.
  • Edit ... Whew... two little quilts all finished just in time! Hehe maybe I should work to a deadline more often!
Have a lovely weekend! 

a bit more #24
I came across this site
fresh blocks inspired by vintage quilts
... actually I love those old worn out quilts just as much as the fresh versions, don't you?


  1. I particularly like the look of your Liberty project - good luck getting your other last minute projects finished in time!

  2. I adore sweet peas, did you know the more you pick, the more they flower too. Happy sewing with your Liberty.


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