Friday, 21 November 2014

classic meets modern {update}

November block

I quite like the  busy feel of the blocks next to each other

and I also like the same blocks with sashing & cornerstones

Sampler quilts... I enjoy making the occasional sampler mainly because I have a short attention span and I've found that as each block is different I don't get bored! If several techniques are used, it's also a real good learning process too. And I've liked this particular BOM actually because there is no applique!

My initial thought way back at the beginning of the year was to try a more modern makeover version each month, not just do the same-old-same-old... and so I've been brave and used more & more solids as the year has progressed, and while I haven't totally used only one designer range, I have stuck to a limited colour scheme! Since I doubled up on one block earlier, I now have 12 blocks finished and so this weekend I'm at the point of deciding about alternatives to traditional quilt top layouts.
Keeping simplicity in mind, I'm using Grunge Basics Essence which, while it does have a slight blue tinge to it, is also an overall neutral light coloured solid. I'm happy for some blocks to merge into the borders, giving a calming effect and creating more -ve space for some quilting! In my mind, the more whiter bits here & there add the sparkle! And definitely a scrappy binding later to add the finishing touch!
A couple of blocks have turned out not quite exactly 12 1/2" square, but in the spirit of 'embracing-the-process' of making a hand made quilt, I'm not too worried. There's a bit of wiggle room if I add sashing, so at this point I'm going with the 2nd photo. What do you think... sashing or no sashing?
Or then again, maybe I could put them all 'on point' ? oh dear, endless possibilities!
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  1. I like it bet with sashing, makes each block stand out.
    happy weekending to you:)

    1. hm-m-m I like both! I wanted to keep it light, bright & simple, so I'll wait & see what Erin comes up with first before I start sewing! Linda

  2. I love sampler quilts too. I like the colors you choose. It's hard to work out of the box!

    I just finished the blocks for a blue and white scrappy quilt. I'm trying to decide what to do for my next one!

    What is the name of the top block on your post. I've been looking all over for it, but can't remember its name!

  3. I've never done a BOM, but I'm thinking maybe I ought to :-) I like it best without the sashing, I think. Or maybe with sashing, but without cornerstones.....
    Happy quilting ~ Tracy

  4. I like the "breathing" room that sashing gives (plus the wiggle room for slight variations in size); I agree that the cornerstones stand out too much. Maybe a lighter blue? I really like the varieties of blue you have been able to use.

  5. I love these. Your colors are gorgeous! Can't wait to see what you do with them!


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