Saturday, 1 November 2014

making a list

I woke up this morning and finally made a list of things to sew! After a couple of weeks of not actually sewing I seem to have a lot of new ideas running round in my head! I also have a few almost finished quilt tops lurking around which I want to gift for Xmas so I better get a wriggle on! Time to reassess & prioritise... and to make the list! Do you have lists too? do you find you actually follow them? and do you religiously tick things off as you go?

lots of lovely sunshine today!

Priority this morning was to finish up making HSTs for my neutral quilt. I rumaged thru' my stash to find as many geometric prints as I could for added interest, and I tried not to over think what-would-go-with-what as I made the HST's! Some combinations have been repeated and I have used one particular yummy fabric quite a bit too-that vogue new trends back to tradition one-just to help with continuity.

And like Cheryl, I've also tried to make the value difference in a couple of the blocks quite subtle, where they almost blend right into each other which I think is nice. I think this is one quilt that will be very easy to live with... so soft & peaceful!

My inspiration for this simply pieced quilt came from a couple of places, here
(if you look closely Cheryl has also added cheeky little yin/yang halfcircles in some of her blocks!)
and here too
(scroll down a little to see Mary's lovely scrappy triangles)

a bit more #23
and in the evenings
I've had fun trying out a little bit of fussy cutting with my curved star hexis

I'm off to do some long overdue gardening now
Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. I'm a great list maker, sometimes they get things crossed off too. Enjoy your gardening.


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