Sunday, 9 November 2014

Auckalnd Festival of Quilts & different points of view

My son & daughter-in-law are staying with us for a couple of months until they go over to Melbourne to live. Charlotte came with me to the quilt show this weekend, the Auckland festival of Quilts. She has just finished her Bachelor in Design, majoring in fashion with honours and it was very interesting to see which quilts caught her eye!
She chose quilts that were rich in colours like the oranges, greens and purples. She liked that some quilts actually make a picture rather than something more abstract. She loved the colours in the fractured 9patch and also liked the way that there were both straight & wonky lines to it, a sense of controlled chaos! The desert one made her think of Australia, where they are headed all too soon! Her favourites were...

{sorry names not all captured}
There was one wall hanging that we both loved ...

Pyjama Party, Annie White
funky flamingos made in metallic & fluro threads

My picks for the day were really rather different! I just loved a few of the more old fashioned ones, the workmanship & time to make them was impressive. 
And so some of my favourites- in no particular order- were...

Perseverance, Alison Hartley

Mrs Billings Returns, Sue Flego

Serendipity, Jocelyn Atkinson
What was the front is now the back!

... and this...

Windmalls of my Mind, Julia Vazel

...and then three more "fresh," more modern looking quilts...

Inside Out, Judi Schon
variation of log cabin - look at all the ribbons!

Brain Waves, Robyn Rognstad

Fractured, Heather Basset

Oh, and both Charlotte & I were quite impressed with this hands-on-book. She did a bit of a sales job for them while we looked thru' it!!

Farmer Joe's Quiet Book, pattern made by Kids Quilts right here in Laingholm.
It's an activity book/play mat
and Charlotte bought the pattern!

We had a lot of fun together at the quilt show. I shall miss them both heaps when they go - but still it's easy enough to pop-over-the-ditch, isn't it?  


  1. That cathedral window quilt was just incredible wasn't it?? Melbourne is just a short flight away and one of my favourite places to visit. You have a great excuse to go often now!

  2. Such a pity we didn't arrange to meet up. Sue's Mrs Billings was incredible close up, and the hours of work in that Cathedral window quilt - amazing.

  3. There were some amazing quilts there and every time I see someone's blog, I see more I didn't see.


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