Sunday, 16 November 2014

the weekend in brief

  • I resuced a few flowers from the garden before the wind ruined them
  • A package arrived from Hawthorne Threads... a few fabrics from the Honor Roll range, AMH
  • And a rather mellow collection of Persimmon BasicGrey, Moda arrived from Fat quarter Shop. I began mixing things up straight away, not too sure where this is headed yet!
  • We braved the weather, went into town to see "My Old Lady" at the Lido, I think everyone else in Auckland had the same idea!!  
  • Finally, the beginnings of a vege garden.


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend Linda!

  2. Oh no, I think I will have to get some Honour Roll, looks lovely with your Basic Grey. Was the movie good?

    Ps: what a beautiful coloured rose you rescued.

  3. I ordered some Honor Roll too...I'm sure it won't disappoint. Love your vege garden

  4. I think you should win a prize for loveliest raised bed!


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