Sunday, 30 March 2014

diet train wreck!

While not being totally commited to the know, the online fabric diet thingy (technical term!)...on a more personal level, I have actually been really concentrating lately on using what fabrics I have here at home. Truely, it's the most sensible thing to do, the most economic, not giving into consumer culture, etc.  And, to quote Kristel @  ..."I have too much stuff. I have too much fabric. I have too many projects in progress. I have too many future projects" (unquote) !!  So for my last 3 projects, I have been quietly fabric fasting, i.e. I have duly gone thru' the baskets hunting for bits & pieces, making adjustments, not getting distracted by newer fabrics,'s what patchwork is all about, yes?
But, to be honest, I was never any good at dieting! (and I couldn't ignore the current exchange rate any longer!) (and there are always some gaps in one's personal stash).
Last week I went shopping.
Selective shopping you understand!
And yesterday the postie delivered!

A couple of basics... Oval Elements in chocolate & a yummy eggplant.

A few pretty pastel /low volume prints, always handy to have, yes?

Some more AMH... I only had a small scrap left of this lovely deep purple, and am certainly going to need more for my BOM "Classic meets Modern".

And then 2 "vintagey" looking fabrics, Carnaby Street Black Tea (just love the name!) and Lavender Dainty Daisies. 
I will be back to sewing more,
and finishing a bit more
(and shopping less!)
 next week.


  1. Pretty! I espec like the bottom fabric.

  2. Hi Linda. Glad I could reach you this way. Thanks for popping over to my blog. You are way more disciplined than me. I seem to acquire more and more, but I do sew every day nearly. Enjoy your new stash ; )

  3. Always nice to see what fabrics people buy. Thanks for naming some of them too. Where did you get them from?

    1. Hi, I got them from the Fat Quarter Shop. L


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