Sunday, 9 March 2014

works in progress

I do like having a "work- in- progress" on the go.
And thanks to the fresh scrappy low volume input from fellow quilters, I've been busy working steadily away at my Broken Glass quilt.  I find that by cutting blunt points on the triangle tips eliminates those "ears" and certainly helps when joining all the triangles together. I have also found it easier if I do four at a time, and the pile of blocks is growing quite quickly now!

But I must admit I've hit a brick wall with my other "work-in-progress", the BOM "40 shades of Grey" blocks! Here was the master plan -

I am not enjoying making the blocks at all, lots of reasons why, and really don't want to make any more! So I have spent the last couple of weeks wondering which way to go with them.  After playing with them for ages today trying to work out some way to get them to gel together, and not succeeding, I had a "lightbulb moment" !!!
I have now decided that I will make all the nine blocks up to the same size. Then layer them up, do some quilting, and send them off to Alison, Little Island Quilts. She is asking for  "quilt-as-you-go" blocks which she is assembling together into quilts to send to street children living in Mexico City.
If you are interested check it out here @  

Last "work-in-progress" is the Slab Sewing -take 2  .... just to finish up today I quickly made another block for our Monday Modern group monthly Block Lotto. This one went alot easier after studying what others had done!! Check out more here @  our flickr pool.  I think the trick is not to start with your white square anywhere near the middle! .....yep I'm alot happier with this one!  

and here they both are... 


  1. Great blocks - I'm surprised you don't like your BOM blocks, I think they look amazing.

  2. Your idea to turn wip blocks into QAYG blocks for littleislandquilting has given me a bright idea too. I have 4 that started as a BOM as few years ago and I had every intention of continuing, but if I do what you did they won't be wasted and I don't have to look at them sitting there anymore. Linda where are you sending them after they are finished. I think Megan was doing something with them a while ago, I should get mine quilted up next week.


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