Monday, 12 May 2014

what a find!

A little while ago I purchased this quilt at a patchwork show. It had no binding on it, no batting, was somewhat marked in places on the back, but I fell in love with it!  It is a well constructed queen size hexagon quilt, hand pieced, using 30,40, 50's fabrics.
On the back there is what looks something like flanelette, it's soft & but thin. There is an occasional knot randomly placed across the top, like tying I guess to join the flanelette to the top. There are no worn areas on the top, no unravelling stitches, no holes. All I have done so far is to add the binding. 
All I know about it is that it was purchased previously in an antique shop 15yrs or more ago ... but where? I don't know! This is probably the oldest quilt I have had contact with!  I am now wondering about washing it, but am very unsure how to go about this. Any suggestions would be really appreciated! 


  1. ooooo what a teasure! I love Hexi quilts. I am a terror for putting quilts in the washing machine. When I found my old one that I wrote about recently it was very grubby. I put it in the machine with liquid laundry detergent and washed it with a cold gentle wash. It came out lovely. It had quite a bit of wear and tear on it but I managed to pull out and replace all the damaged pieces. I cant resist a quilt restoration.

    1. I'm just a bit scared of washing it but as I said in email, I do need to get it clean!! Thanx for all the advice, L

  2. Nice find, if you have a newer washing machine that has a "handwash" cycle then it should be ok, otherwise I would pop it in a bath

  3. What a find. I would give it a hand wash and short machine spin. I reckon you could repair any bits that come undone.


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