Monday, 19 May 2014

retro flowers {update}

almost done!
I have made 9 retro flowers
not a very forgiving block I have to say!
still straightening the odd wavering seam as I spot it
{am so "over it" now!}
  and busy searching around for big enough pieces for 3 more borders  

a bit more #4
shopping shoes minus the glitter!

oh my, and fabric too?!?
VIP Fabric Wizard of Oz Dorothy's Red Slippers on Yellow Back (By 1/2 yd)


  1. Oh that is funny - matching shoes and fabric. Your flowers are looking lovely, they are such a test of patience!

    1. thanx! I do love the finished effect (see WIP later in week for further update!). My daughter, of course, wanted me to make it bigger...but enough is enough! L


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