Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Gypsy Wife quilt ... a starting point!

Well, visiting Amitie in Gardenvale/Melbourne was like walking into a lolly shop!  It wasn't so much an explosion of colour really, because there was a very real "calm" feeling about the whole shop!
I think it was more about how it was displayed ... shelves full of fantastic variety, each colour grouped beautifully together, & inspiration everywhere. First up, I bought the Gypsy Wife quilt pattern! I confess, I've mucked about all year following the progress of others with this, thinking I love it, and thinking maybe I should be doing it too!

And fabric shopping? I hear you ask.
Actually, I really didn't know where to start with buying fabric, it all looked so lovely.
I made a few initial "safe" choices with some neutral grey & white fabrics ...

... and then just went for it, with lots of little bits of whatever took my fancy...

I am way behind with the current Gypsy Wife program, but that's ok. I've printed it out & will follow at my own pace. This pattern really is so wonderfully scrappy, anything will mix in! I just love the delightful effect of all that chaotic colour combined together!
So now I have the pattern ..
and a selection of new Japanese cottons .. 
and of course "my stash" for additional variety!
Am putting a hold on everything else while I make a start on this! First up 1x Colour Wheel block and a few Pinwheel blocks ... check back in a few days time!


  1. Hah, little voices saying, you need an excuse to buy more stash...:) I like the idea of the greys as the starting point and then the random colourways you chose


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