Tuesday, 10 June 2014

scrapbox delight {work in progress}

This year I am working hard at trying to make a dent in the scrapbox! However, like many others, collecting fabric is something of a passion! {see Kathy's lastest blog entry, @ Material Obsession, on this subject too!}. And so from time to time, a bit of retail therapy is essential - to update my supplies & ensure a good variety you understand! 
Not too long ago I purchased a piece of fabric, but it was an "oh dear, what did I buy that for" moment when it arrived! (sound familiar?). Anyway, I pinned it up on my little design wall directly in front of my sewing machine & looked at it ... and looked at it ... every time I sat down to sew ... there it was!
Today it's raining -again-  but a perfect day for sewing, so I had a little break from sewing my Single Girl quilt, and found a reason to use up that piece of fabric!

Inspiration for this simple scrappy quilt came from a much looked thru' book on my shelf, Sunday Morning Quilts, and I do also recall seeing something similar in different colours over at Blue Elephant Stitches a long time ago. Construction was very easy. I joined assorted strips of fabric together in varying widths from 1"- 2 1/2" to roughly form a block. I pressed & trimmed each one to 12 1/2" block. Then simply joined them all together. It's got a kind of fresh look about it so far that I really like, with little pops of added colour. While I mainly stuck to blues, brown, and a bit of pink/purple, I did add a few other scrappy delights from the scrapbox, along with that fabric from up on the wall, and then lots, and lots of lights ... et voila!

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  1. Can't wait to see more. Hope you weren't battered too much bu last night's storm.

    1. Hi... one fence down & next doors tree landed on my car!! But all sorted & ok now. L

  2. LOVE your scraps! I can't wait to see all of it. I really need to attack my scrap box (I mean scrap TUBS.)

  3. LOVE your scraps! I can't wait to see all of it. I really need to attack my scrap box (I mean scrap TUBS.)


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