Monday, 23 June 2014


We have just had a lovely long weekend in Melbourne. Lots of walking, eating, shopping! Went to the market at Prahran, (heaps of fresh fruit & veges, wonderful if you live there), had a tiki tour around St Kilda & the beach, became very familiar with the train & tram timetables,  and had breakfast at 5:30am one morning in town, (Mr D's body clock was all messed up!)  in the midst of everyone else (well, younger than 60!) who had been out nightclubbing!
And then one morning, just for me, we caught the tram out to Amitie (pics taken with consent) ...

Midnight at the Oasis - the original!

rows of lovely Liberty

a great selection of "browns"- was almost tempted myself!

and then the quilts ..

and more quilts..

.. and more

and then...
... we did also do a bit of this... was a great way to see a bit of the Aussie countryside!!  

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