Monday, 25 August 2014

diagonal madness {the minty version}

What a brilliant weekend we have just had!  Little Olive & co are all well now and spent a couple of days up at Mangawhai, Glenys has put her house on the market, my sister went down to the bach... and Mr D. & I spent the most of the weekend in the garden. Now that the subdividing has been completed, we need to clear some of the section and move the fenceline, what a mission! Still, it will be good to get the new boundary lines clearly established, ready for when we too sell & downsize in the hopefully-not-too-distant-future.
I've been sorting & playing a bit more with these simple squares up on my design wall. Scrappiness isn't everyone's cup-of-tea I know, but it is certainly a good way to make a dent in that stash!  Other versions of this pattern seem to have followed Kaffe's orginal colours quite closely, rich striking colours like magenta, fuschia, terracotta, gold, rust, & turquoise... ha-ha, and I can see why now! All the hard work of mixing colours & adding value has already been done by him!
I think I must have moved every square a zillion times by now! I was a bit ruthless & pulled out the darker fabrics that didn't seem to work. And am much prefering this pastel minty version. I am making it big enough to fit a single bed and wondering now about checking with Olive to see if she thinks it could be ok for the new baby in January!


  1. A new grandchild! Exciting. Congratulations.

  2. This is looking nice. Fresh. With good cohesion to my eye anyway.. I look forward to seeing how you progress it.

  3. Scrappy quilts are the best. Mangawhai sounds lovely at this time of year.


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