Friday, 22 August 2014

diagonal madness {WiP}

My "Olive days" have been reduced this week because she has been sick. We started out the week as usual, but the vomiting bug took over... and understandably, she only wanted her mummy! Very tricky for working parents, juggling domestic days off, but we all coped & got thru' the week, sharing the home-time between us.

So I've had some unexpected sewing-time!
The starting point for this quilt was a Kaffe Fassett workshop I attended quite a few years ago now. I didn't ever like what I had done that day and so nothing ever came of it! But I have always loved the scrappiness & the strong lines -both diagonal & vertical- of this pattern, even more when I found similar vintage version of it in Mary Mashuta's book, Cotton Candy Quilts. I vaguely remember the colour receipe from that workshop... pick a colour {blue} Add other colours from either side of the colour wheel {green, blue, purple} And then throw in something "extra" {orange/gold}. I rumaged thru' my stash, selected & cut out squares from an eclectic assortment of fabrics, & began getting it all up on my little design wall. If you look closely you will see that there's a few areas where colours merge nicely, and then the unexpected brighter or darker fabric pops up ... hopefully helping the eye work out what the actual pattern here is!

*updated pic!

And sewing today has certainly been fun! It's also been a real lesson in colour, fabric & design that's for sure! I have been reshuffling fabrics, and throwing out fabrics, and standing back, and just looking at the wall a lot over the past week! Admitedly, I am using my more latest fabrics here, but what I am finding is that they are so lovely & vibrant, they all seem to be fighting for centre stage... "pick me, pick me"! I'm thinking about auditioning few of the fabrics waiting in the wings {the 'understudy'} just to calm things down a bit! Diagonal madness indeed!  - any feedback welcome here! Also in true scrappy spirit, if I run out of a particular fabric midflight, I am substituting. It's all still very much a work-in-progress and changing daily* at the moment but I'm slowly growing quite fond of it! 
What's on your design wall this week?

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