Friday, 7 August 2015

rail fence... small beginnings

Sujata's book Cultural Fusion is a new favourite of mine! There are quite a few quilts in it that appeal to me, and the irregular piecing is an interesting & creative process that I'm keen to explore a bit more. Karen here seems to be enjoying her book too, she's made two quilts from it already!

So, I've been tossing up about joining in with the rail-fence-quiltalong! Love this quilt... and, while I'm juggling a few balls in the air, I figure I may as well throw in another and experiment!

Going now to sort a few fabrics and then I'll give this free form curvy cutting a go
From what I've read, the more solid fabrics included, 
the more contemporary and graphically bold the quilt will be, so we shall see!

... I'll be back soon to share more!


  1. You will never be bored with all your on the go projects to choose from. Have a great weekend - look forward to seeing what you end up working on.

    1. Ha-ha, yes I do love having several projects on the go at once, all at various stages, never bored.I guess it goes without saying I’m a Gemini! I’d like to think all my WiP’s are all under control... hm-m-m- well maybe not! Seriously though, it’s really such a wonderful hobby now I’m retired. (what do others do?) I love making a handmade quilt, finishing it, gifting it, & making someone else happy. Have a lovely weekend, look forward to your “weekend” post! Linda

  2. Oh, what a great quilt along, blog, book.... I think I might be hooked. I think my idea for a "Fractured" quilt might just have gone out the window because this looks so easier to comprehend. Thanks for the idea.


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