Saturday, 8 August 2015

rail fence QAL {update}

I'm really enjoying making these blocks, very addictive! Here's what has worked for me so far -
Love the free form style, but I found precision matters especially when using plain fabrics. My joining seam lines stood out a bit... maybe the soft pink plain fabric is too much contrast? maybe I'm not as precise as I could be? Pressing helped, and using two prints was great!
It's more pleasing to my eye if there is some connection between the two prints in each block, like one little bit of colour repeated. After making a few blocks, I'm now almost decided on having "brown" as my background colour in each block. {This will be interesting, it's not a colour I use much}
And it's definitely time for me to be a bit braver, and make those lengthwise slices just a bit wonkier!

Here's the link to cultural fusion quilts if you want to see what others are doing too.


  1. A really nice quilt.. and book by the looks of it. :)

  2. Beautiful fabrics! Interesting to hear your thoughts about this pattern.:)

  3. Your blocks are beautiful! I think brown will make a great repeating colour!

  4. I am quite keen to give this one ago too. I was thinking solids, but half the fun comes from the patterned fabric.

  5. So much to love in these photos - I don't know that I could sew deliberately wonky blocks.
    Can't wait to see more.

    1. Thank you Julie! It’s a bit scary free cutting without the ruler... but it's a lot of fun & I think Karyn is right about combining two prints. Using a plain fabric threw me, doesn’t work well as there are too many seams visible ↔↕ distracts the eye! Have a good week, sun shining today – I’m off out for a walk! Linda


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