Tuesday, 18 August 2015

this week...

... this week there has been no sewing! 
  • I did receive a lovely package in the mail, a selection of the latest Denyse Schmidt fabrics, New Bedford from the Fat Quarter Shop. I notice too that katie jump rope yardage will be available in November, a re-run of a very collectable range! Linking up with Molli for sunday stash here
  • And I have learnt how to make homemade Vietnamese spring rolls! My new sister-in-law has been staying with us and we are both learning lots of things from each other! 
  • And I also sorted out some of my quilts, all ready now for our Monday Modern quilt group show here in Auckland, NZ.  "new quilts for alberton beds" is an exhibition of modern quilts in the historic setting of Mt Albert's Alberton House, built in 1863. The quilts will be all on display throughout the house, well worth a visit to see not only the quilts but the lovely old home too! 


  1. I am thinking there maybe a New Bedford order in my future too - such a shame the exchange rate isn't so good. those spring rolls look rather yummy too.

    1. Yes the sp. rolls were a success! Quite labour intensive though, we were in the kitchen from 10:30am until 3pm! Usually a group of women all get together & make them, chatting and catching up. (while the men sit around having a beer!) After soaking the mushrooms & noodles, there’s lots of cutting up, individually rolling up, deep frying, & eating them as they are cooked. Noung made up a huge amount, I ended up with 3 containers in the freezer all beautifully ready for frying. Linda

  2. What a lovely pile of quilts for the show Linda - I'm looking forward to seeing them in real life :-)

  3. Lovely new Denyse Schmidt fabrics. I have an earlier line of Chickopee just wanting to be cut up and sewn together and I bought extra so I know I'll have scraps left. Karen

    1. Ah-ha, buying ‘extra’ is a great idea, forward planning! I love it!
      Thanx for stopping by & commenting, Linda


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