Friday, 13 November 2015


broderie perse...

nah, not my cup of tea at all - 
until I spotted a pic on Instagram
and fell in love with this quilt!

But what's really good for us here in NZ, 
is that her online course at Creativebug for 'Mod Corsage' will go live next year in Feb. 11 :) 
Her other bit of news is that she has developed 
a whole new collection of fabrics called Mod Corsage, to be shipped in May of next year 
The fabrics are all designed in a way that helps to build the components of this improv, floral quilt style.

Heaps of inspiration & great things to look forward to, yes? 
Right now though it's time for a little improv and play around here I think! 
{pic & info shared with Anna's approval}

a bit more # 35
pop over here for more broderie perse images


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