Sunday, 8 November 2015

I wasn't going to...

Well, I really wasn't going to go to the Auckland Festival of Quilts this year, what with just having had a hospital sleepover again, but I'm so glad I went! Great new venue & lots to see, but first up, the very best bit about yesterday - I met up with Raewyn from love to stitch up in Northland. 

Mr D & I are in the middle of sorting out our storage shed - everything has to go- including mr D's mum's loom. She brought it out from England in 1951, and the family all have rugs, lampshades & cushion covers that she made on it. A treasured item but no-one wanted to actually use it now.
Knowing that Raewyn had started to spin, some time ago (pre her twin grand-babies!) I offered it to her, and we were waiting for a suitable time to meet up & hand it over.

Well, Saturday at the Quilt Show worked in beautifully for both of us! Except...  I got the wrong venue, he-he I blame the anesthetic! I thought the show was on at the ASB stadium, but while it was certainly chockablock with people, they were not going to a quilt show! And needless to say, mr D. was not impressed! After a few texts back & forth to Raewyn, not very sure herself about Auckland, we finally did get to the right place, the AMI Netball Centre in St. Johns!

And once the loom was safely settled into Raewyn's car, here's what caught my eye at the quilt show...

Treasure Hunt by Megan Laurie
pieced using templates & Alison Glass fabrics

Fragility: Kina on Rangiputa by Mathea Daunheimer

Dorothy Collard Memorial Challenge
Kerry Maughn- Ferry Road by  Debbie Jones

Rural 1 by Robyn Croft

My Nearly Insane Journey by Sue Flego

Chasing Rabbits by Donna Ward
using Tula Pink's Foxfields fabrics

Dear Jane by Mary Hawke, Best of Show

A gorgeous colourful version of Gypsy Wife by Rebecca Owen

It's a girl by Debbie Jones
Satin stitch applique with lots of quilting! 

The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius by Susan Boucher
Love the colour scheme in this quilt!

Rejuvenation by Shirley Sparks

EDIT:  A quilt show is often the starting point for a new quilt for me. Something - be it a fabric, the geometry, a new technique, maybe a different scale - triggers my imagination & away I go! Linking up here to 'quilty inspiration' this week, pop on over to see what gets others creating! 

Oh, and I did manage to get just a little bit of shopping in too! 
new-to-me stall, Florence and Mary, had a lovely range of Liberty fabrics and Liberty giftware...

... where I bought this cute Liberty pincushion

... and then I purchased a scrappy fabric pack 
of 10" x 10" squares from Cottage Flair in Rotorua 
another new-to-me booth with lots of very creative combinations of fabric 

For more quilt show pics pop over to see Shirley's selection @ don't wait to create
and for a few more pics, have a look herehereand here at Wendy's latest posts

... Oh, and I shouted mr D. a late lunch afterwards for being so patient!


  1. I am now especially looking forward to visiting the FOQ after lunch today! I like your faves.

  2. Sorry to hear you had a "stopover" in hospital - hope you're ok now.
    Thanks for sharing photos of Festival, I was intending going but with my hospital visit this week I decided to keep away from crowds and possible bugs!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed a little peek at the quilts! Some were quite big, so tricky to get the whole quilt into the photo. I’m up & about, no pain, and especially glad I had that stroll around the quilt show, it did wonders for me mentally & physically! Linda

  3. Hope you are feeling a little better now, and I'm sure gazing at beautiful quilts can only help your recovery. Auckland has some talented quilters by the looks of your photos. My problem is I hate the motorways with a passion, so tend to go no further north than Hamilton. Maybe next years quilt show might tempt me.

  4. Hope you are feeling OK now. Hopefully the Quilt show and meeting up with Raewyn helped your recovery. Take care.

  5. oh thanks for the peek into that quilt show--what amazing quilts! i especially love "Fragility" --just so simple yet moving...hugs, Julierose

  6. Hope you're feeling better Linda. I went to the show on Friday and enjoyed the quilts. My favs were some you have here-my camera died so no photos at all.

  7. Some amazing quilts at the show and love your fabric choices :)

    1. Yes, I enjoyed this year’s show too! Such variety and creativity, a lot of talented people!

  8. You've given us great inspiration, Linda -- colors, patterns styles, etc. And thanks for linking up to Quilty Inspiration. I appreciate it.

    I'm so sorry about having to pass on the loom. I have my own in storage at the moment and can't foresee a time when I'll begin weaving again.

    I hope you're feeling better after your stay in the hospital.

  9. Great quilt photos - I din't get there this year. Next year, fingers crossed. Hope you are much recovered after your hospital visit.

  10. Glad to see and hear that you enjoyed the show Linda - well worth the roundabout trip to get there :-)


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