Friday, 20 November 2015

it's not easy, is it?

It's not easy, is it... buying fabric for someone else? 
It's not just the decision making, which is tricky I admit
but also all the mucking around getting somewhere in a new environment.

Glenys has just come home from a trip over to Australia visiting her little grandson, and she went shopping just for me! I had been trying to source a pattern by Judy Newman, and sent her details about a shop that was possibly near her, Quiltsmith. She replied "no problem, I've got a spare day."
Long story short, she caught three buses, came across a couple of rather unhelpful bus drivers, tiki-toured around Sydney for half a day, helped a distraught mum, baby & toddler on & off a bus with pram, and finally found the shop! After a well earned coffee, she had a great time strolling around the shop, it was huge apparently, with heaps of fabric, heaps of variety! And she did some excellent shopping!

from the left, Aunt Grace by Judie Rothermel
a Downton Abbey pink (timely!) 
plus two very pretty unknowns, perfect for my GT&SB blocks

And these lovely vintage feedsack fabrics, charming in any scrappy quilt! 

my pick of the bunch!

Not sure how the $NZ is against the $Auzzie at present, but I'm loving all these little finds
and they will be great additions to my fabric stash! 


  1. Neat selection of fabrics and the feed sacks are extra special - great for your GT&SB project.

  2. I recognize the fabric 2nd from the right in the first picture. I bought a jellyroll of that line of fabric and because I like it so much - I haven't cut into it yet. Waiting for the just the right project I guess. Have fun with the new fabrics.

  3. I'd say Glenys is a true friend to go through all of that to buy some fabric for you! What beautiful fabric it is, too! I love the two unknowns in the first photo and the feed sack fabric. Lucky you, Linda, for both the friend and the fabric!

  4. Oh my she had quite the adventure, didn't she? But in the end, what a lovely selection and wonderful friend! :)


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