Wednesday, 28 September 2016

scrappy trips {almost finsihed}

Time to get my 'scrappy trips' finished... it's been up on the design wall for way too long.
The sewing process to make these blocks was really rather simple, and initially a bit addictive.
And did I mention this fabric pull was all from my stash?
I focused on fabrics that fitted into my colour pallette, trying not to worry if it was old or new
- and I love these wild scraps all mixed up in unlikely combinations!

But it hasn't all been smooth sailing with this WiP!
First up I lost a few blocks...

Then I lost enthusiasm,
so many 12" blocks were needed to make this look symetrical...

... I almost came to a giant full s.t.o.p.

But then I had a little play with the blocks I had made,
and I fiddled around a little bit with my leftover squares & strips
and made up little 1/2 blocks for the top & bottom of the quilt.

So far so good
- still nicely balanced and not too huge!

But wait there's more...

Feeling v. pleased that I had found a satisfactory solution, I started sewing all my blocks together.
Then I began cutting & adding my border, an AMH fabric honor roll, single file in ocean

Sadly though, I didn't have quite enough border fabric
- a bit of a critical design element here in my mind
as it picked up all those little teal accents scattered throughout the quilt.

So it's almost finished, just waiting patiently now {sigh} for a fabric delivery!
Follow the link here for an excellent tutorial on making these scrappy blocks

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  1. Hi Linda! I love this! So beautiful and warm autumn colours! And this pattern is super good! x Teje

  2. This is such a happy looking piece. The quilt top looks very inviting.

  3. The teal border is perfect. Hope you fabric delivery shows up soon so you can finish this one off.

  4. Linda it is looking great. I like how it is scrappy, but has a pattern.

  5. Love, love, LOVE this quilt!!! Scrappy Trips is on my To Make list. MUST remember to add a single accent color down the center. It really adds a cohesiveness to the quilt.

  6. Love this! I'm planning to make one of these, too, some day, so all your problem solving is appreciated! The half blocks are a wonderful idea.
    I'm glad your border fabric is still available! One of the dangers of working from stash is falling in love with an older fabric that is the last of its kind...

    1. Thanks so much Gayle!
      In the end I decided I’d rather have a smaller finished quilt than yet another WiP to add to the “incomplete works” pile!
      And a good point about working from your stash, and something I hadn’t considered when I started out on this quilt... as initially, I had actually chosen a lovely old-ish vintage fabric as my border. I only had a fat quarter here, and of course couldn’t find more anywhere!

  7. Don't those unlikely fabric combinations make lovely quilts. Sometimes I look at a scrappy quilt and think, how did that work? That's why I love doing scrappy quilts, they are so surprising.

  8. Beautiful! Your border fabric is perfect. I loved making the scrappy trips blocks. Looks like you had fun with them too, even if the enthusiasm was flagging for awhile.

  9. It's beautiful - I love those little squares with blue in the mix!

  10. Good on you for working through and getting all the blocks done. It looks great framed with that beautiful border fabric.

  11. I love how it turned out. Amazing how such diverse fabric collections go together so nicely. great job.

  12. Mixing old and newer fabrics is one of my favorite things. Especially when they come from our stash. This is turning out wonderfully. Congratulations.

  13. Hooray for being able to order more fabric for your most excellent choice of border! Good looking top!


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