Tuesday, 15 November 2016

almost finished

My Scrappy Trip quilt is almost finished!

... just love a great trip, don't you?
The Scrappy Trip is one quilt that looks harder than it actually is.
It is made by sewing strips together, not those itty bitty individual pieces. 
Bonnie has a great free pattern over here

I had it quilted with interlocking circles by Annette from WildCotton Quilting
It's a bit of hit & miss with me when choosing patterns.
I sort of hold my breathe that the pattern I've picked really will work, and I wasn't disappointed!
- lots of yummy texture now!

and today I took a break from stitching stars... and all the latest sad news here in NZ
... and started stitching on the binding...

{see here for earlier details}
*EDIT: there is a pic of my finished 'scrappy trips' now over here

Linking up this week with Kelly here for 'needle & thread Thursday'

a bit more # 54
Our thoughts & prayers go out to all those affected by this traumatic event. 

Our headlines include...
The 7.5 earthquake was felt as far north as Auckland and has caused damage and knocked out power to a number of regions. Multiple quakes have since followed in both islands

A tsunami alert was issued for all coastal areas of New Zealand - threat has now passed

Since the earthquake hit, police received 19 reports of burglaries at Canterbury properties
- what?

and the latest today...
no way in, no way out
Cows stranded on quake island, see pics here
Schools, universities closed, exams disrupted


  1. We were so sorry to see the earthquake news. Glad to know that you're safe and sewing. Your Scrappy Trips is looking smashing!

  2. I love Bonnie's Scrappy Trips---and happy to know that you are OK

  3. Another awful day for you all, I can't imagine the devastation and anxiety. My thoughts are with you.

    I love the circle quilting design you chose, it's a good contrast to the angular squares. I'm with you on the deliberations and worry about whether you've made the right decision, but there can't be any disappointment with this one, it's a gorgeous quilt.

  4. I'm glad that you are okay. Your quilt looks amazing. I need to make one of these too.

  5. Scrappy Trips is on my list - yours looks beautiful!
    Glad you're safe.
    And there's entirely too much sadness in the world right now. 2016 has been a horrible horrible year.

  6. Pretty! Glad you are okay ♥

  7. It's so saddening to hear the news about the earthquakes and the repercussions. Your scrappy trips is heartening though. The circles quilting looks great, did you do them on your domestic machine? Have fun with the binding.

  8. Happy to hear you are safe but sending hugs! I hope the earthquakes have ended.

  9. Just love the colours in your quilt and happy to hear that you and yours are safe.

  10. The quilting pattern couldn't be bettered for this quilt, looks lovely.

  11. Your quilting looks fabulous. Love the little bowl your sewing accessories are in too - Carltonware? We are so lucky Auckland hasn't really been affected.

  12. I have been thinking about my quilting friends in NZ - I have a lot of family in Christchurch who were badly hit last time round, so watch events very carefully. I am glad you are okay, though I'm sure it's a worrying time for everyone. Your quilt looks great.

    1. Thank you!
      Yes, very sad for those in the upper Sth Island this time. And the aftershocks are still continuing.
      Parts of Wellington (our capital city in the Nth Island) are still closed off too, and now they keep finding new buildings that aren’t safe!
      Not good.

  13. Your scrappy trip quilt looks great! Thoughts and prayers are with our Kiwi neighbours - do hope nothing more happens.

  14. The quilt looks lovely ; I've read about the earthquakes ....even those cows made it to the USA news. It's just awful. I cannot imagine how frightening :(

  15. Sending you my good thoughts and best wishes from the UK - we loved your beautiful country when we visited years back, and sorry to hear this news! Thank goodness we can find some peace in quilting!

  16. So sorry to hear all the news from NZ, but glad you are okay. Your scrappy trips quilt is beautiful! I made one a few years ago, and it is still one of my favorite quilts, too.

  17. Scrappy Trips is such a lovely pattern as well as a great way to use up scraps. I like the many lights you added to your trips.
    I was so sorry to hear of all the problems in NZ. I remember you had a series at the beginning of the year in almost the same location. The burglaries are particularly disheartening but happen in every disaster. We have a bunch after hurricanes. Still most people are out helping others.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  18. Great Scrappy Trip quilt! I must make one of these one day. As for the quake...down here in Southland I was fast asleep but woke up to the tapping of our vertical blinds swinging against the walls. Am amazed by the power of Mother Earth, seeing all the major geographical/landscape changes that occurred and the way houses were damaged. Makes one think carefully, and with respect, about the phrase 'be prepared'.

  19. Your scrappy trips quilt turned out beautifully, the interlocking circles worked really well. Sorry that things seem to have gotten worse not better after the earthquakes.


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