Wednesday, 2 November 2016

still stuck on stars

I've spent the last few days playing with star blocks
- again {sigh!}

I already had a pile of large cut out triangles in Denyse Schmidt's fine plaid
that I had tried using in an earlier project but they didn't work quite as I'd imagined they would {sound familiar?}

Anyway, determined to use them up, I started mixing in a few other fabrics, just playing really
- some Liberty, AMH, Basic Grey and a good old Kaffe spot {ever so useful}
 a bit of an eclectic mix of gentle muted fabrics...

... and I've got about 5 stars up on the design wall now
Loving how it's going this time
so I think I'm going to gather them all up and get busy sewing a scrappy vintage-y quilt!

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  1. I really like that plaid fabric for the star points Linda. You are on the road to another lovely scrap quilt!

  2. I'll echo Cynthia above. The plaid gives it really 'makes it.'

  3. Pleased you're back onto stars, lie the mix of fabrics.

  4. These look really great! I love star quilts!

  5. Very nice! I like the thought of a vintage-y quilt and the plaid really ties it all together.

  6. A vintagey scrappy quilt from you - I wouldn't expect anything less. Are these all handpieced?

  7. Great idea to use your already-cut triangles. Lovely muted colours. Don't know how you made your stars........EPP?

  8. oh these are just lovely! I love your mix of modern and traditional style prints, it works really well.

  9. Sometimes it is the fabric one least expect will work, that saves the day. Your stars look lovely.

  10. The fabric additions you made to the plaids are beautiful. They are just the ticket.

    1. Thanks Lisa!
      So happy when it all started to look scrappy and yet still cohesive at the same time!

  11. Fabulous and fun. I love how the plaids work so well.

  12. They look great! Those plaid star points are perfect :)

  13. Your stars look wonderful! So colorful and bright! Well done!

  14. Great mix of fabrics for the stars!

  15. Wonderful stars are lighting up your design wall!! The plaid is the perfect joining fabric. I can see picking fun fabric combos for the stars could be addictive.

  16. Look-ing good!! It has that real vintage-y feel.

  17. Great mix of scraps. Have fun!


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