Friday, 11 November 2016

my friday favourite #7

It's Friday again
and I have chosen this quilt as my favourite for the week
'Outback Wife' an amazing quilt made by Cathie from gertrudemade 

There was 18mths involved in creating these gorgeous fabrics
and I'm sure you will agree, these fabrics are to die for!

And while she loves quilts, Cathie  tells me she is no quilt pattern designer
She came up with the idea of a giant star surrounded by geese flying the wrong way
and then Caroline Greco of nightingalequilts turned it into a pattern for her!
Take a peep at this link here for more details.

Cathie is also a maker of wonderful frocks too look...

What are you loving this week?
{all pics reposted with permission}


  1. I also love this one. Lovely fabrics.

  2. I am also loving this quilt and the whole fabric line. Sure hope I can get my hands on it someday!

  3. Loving this quilt too - thank you for supplying the link. I'm loving (or is it relishing!) the thought of a day's sewing today; wish me luck :-)

  4. I hope someone in NZ is going to stock that fabric!! I am loving that we live in NZ!!
    Happy weekend, weather looks like it's perfect for sewing.


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