Monday, 2 January 2017

a new year.... a new quilt

I've been busy making hexagon blocks and there's a pretty selection up on my design wall now
I'll do an end-of-the-month round up so you can see too.

Wondering about starting a new quilt today
Revisiting auntbets quilt has been on my 'to do' list ever since I finished this first one
so I made up a couple of trial blocks you know, just to see...

I do love the simple scrappy design of this,
with those larger pieces that are perfect for your special fabrics to shine...

and the 1/4 log cabin and flying geese blocks add some scrappy 'quilty' interest...

It reminds me a bit of those Australian wagga quilts
{for a few pics of what I'm referring to, see here on pinterest}

Lots of different fabrics are finding their way into this...
along with a bundle of fabrics I stumbled across on Trade Me, an early collection from Denyse Schmidt, Greenfields.

I'm using them as my focus...
{insert smiley face} new-to-me fabric really helps my creative processing!

What starts you off on a new quilt?
a pattern? a colour scheme? a special fabric?

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  1. Linda, you put the best fabrics together! So sweet and happy! Wish I could come over and visit to get some coaching on that. I've been thinking about starting Midnight at the Oasis. A friend gave me the pattern, and even though it is a bit outside of my comfort zone, I want to give it a try!

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing this second quilt come to life - the fabrics in your first one were so fresh looking, an it's a lovely pattern.

  3. Love these blues. You're right. Larger printed fabrics need special places to shine.

  4. I love the variety of fabrics you've chosen for this one! Lots of exciting variations in color and scale. Nice!

    I never know what will send me off into a new quilt. Sometimes it's a fun fabric, sometimes an inspiring photo of someone else's creation. I just started working on the Hillside Houses pattern from the Pretty Little Quilts blog. My niece asked if I would donate something to her sorority for a fundraiser for a charity called CASA, and houses came to mind :)

  5. I want to pet that succulent fabric in your quilt :). You always have the most intriguing prints. Color and fabrics do it for me. I rarely start with a pattern. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  6. This will be another beautiful quilt! Thanks for the link to wagga quilts!
    I often start with a pattern, because the design(er) or colours speak to me. I always make changes though and I end up with a totally different quilt.

  7. Colour often sparks me off. You always make the best fabric selections - I love how this is looking already.

    1. Thanks Kaja! I figure this new project is about playing with colour too, rather than being limited by era or type of fabric.
      And, I’m enjoying piecing a smaller quilt at the moment, one that I may have a chance of finishing!

      Happy New Year, Linda

  8. A lot of beautiful fabric you are working with. Starting a new quilt always starts in a different way each time, fabric, pattern, inspiration online, or just a need to use up a pile!

  9. Love your fabric choices in your new project. It's going to be a beauty. My process depends. sometimes it's a pattern, sometimes it's the fabric and sometimes it's a concept (like the First Amendment Quilt Drama Teen commissioned).

  10. There's no telling what will set me off - a color combination, a block pattern, a finished quilt. Ideas are everywhere!
    I love the fabrics you're playing with here - can't wait to see the quilt!

  11. Though I mostly shy away from florals, your wagga-looking quilt is really neat! I've always been interested in that style since seeing that they're a mishmash of fabrics, and have sort of a Gee's Bend look to them, albeit a bit more compact in style. It will be a great finish, I have no doubt, and you'll have made a wonderful remembrance quilt. Keep up the good work!

  12. Now that looks like a fun quilt! Such great fabrics - can't wait to see how this one looks.

  13. Ooh, love seeing these fabrics and colors together!

  14. You've got some beautiful fabrics in these blocks, Linda. It will be a fun quilt.


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