Friday, 20 January 2017


Back from a lovely family break at Waihi Beach
Lots of holiday fun... walking, cafe coffees,
and splashing about with Olive & little Evie in the surf ... wonderful

No stash at the beach house and so once back home
{and all caught up with all the washing}
I was distracted totally from my 'to do' list, and began cutting shapes for a new quilt...

it's all about using my stash this year
- and channelling my inner Kathy with lots of prints on prints on prints

and you?
have you been distracted by anything in the new year too?

Linking up with Lorna for 'show & tell' here at sewfreshquilts


  1. This is going to be such a fun and colourful quilt!

  2. Yes. Your stash fabrics are so colorful. What fun.

  3. Lovely colours in these prints and I'm intrigued to see just what you're making.

  4. Oh, doesn't THAT look like fun!

  5. Pretty! I have been playing with more prints on prints thanks to your inspiration.

  6. You're making one of my most favourite blocks!! They are so addictive to make!! There are always distractions... but i'm trying to stay focused on one quilt at a time.

  7. It's amazing how you can throw that many prints on prints, and yet it looks "right". I must get more adventurous, as I love flamboyant quilts, yet I don't make them. Have a great weekend, enjoying a rare day of sunshine here in the Manawatu.

  8. You're channeling Kathy beautifully and doing a wonderful job of working in all kinds of prints. This is stunning.

  9. Ooh, looking great! Think the channeling it working!

  10. Love your fabric choices. It's going to be a beauty!


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