Tuesday, 14 March 2017

what a difference a day makes

It's been a bit of a messy week around here so far,
what with the garage flooding during that heavy downpour {see here for TV report details}
and doing the school run, volunteer work, etc
and during all that, something about my 'broken dishes' quilt was still niggling me.
I couldn't get on with anything until I had worked it out
{see here for earlier WiP details}

. . . after letting it sit for a day,
I decided that a couple of things needed to be changed along the way,
all part of the process, yes?

I did a spot of unpicking {sigh} and remade the three yellow/green broken dishes
I replaced the 'celery dotty' segments for 'parchment daisy'
another fabric from 'Blueberry Park' by Karen-Lewis - and I'm much happier now

Do you ever get stalled like this? What do you find helps?

. . . now on with border decisions
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Happy sewing,


  1. Looking good, I'm not sure that I ever dislike something enough to unpick it, maybe that's why charity quilts were invented.

  2. When I get stuck, I usually walk away from it and let it marinate for a while. Then I leave it out where it'll jump out at me - be the first thing I see when I enter a room - and see what happens. If there's something wrong, I'll notice it at first glance that way, when the problem had been hiding from me before. (If that doesn't work, I stuff the whole thing in a box and wait a couple of years...)

  3. That celery green is one of my secret favorite colors but I definitely believe you should make quilts to suit yourself. After all, we'll just start another as soon as the current one is done (and sometimes even before.) Photos help me because they reduce the image.

  4. Like this Linda and I tend to let things simmer if I feel I'm stalled with a project.

  5. I like the remake - worth the unpicking! It's fun how a quilt tells you what is right......and wrong.

  6. The re-made green blocks look great. The blocks all sit together really well. Sorry about your flooded garage. That was SOME rain, wasn't it?

  7. I don't usually redo them once I've gotten that far along, but I like the switch you made. You gotta do what works for you.

  8. I like how this is looking. If I'm stuck I tend to leave things to stew though need to remind myself more that looking at a photo often shows me the solution.


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