Sunday, 26 March 2017

still sewing scraps #2

Heaps happening around here
and so exciting, planning something new with Julie from julielou
 . . . pop back Saturday April 1st to hear all about it

Meantime, here is one quilt top I've just finished and a new project I am loving so far.
I have a couple of gift quilts to make
so I started this weekend with these slightly wonky improv blocks . . .

I have made something like this a couple of times before (see here and here ) but I wanted more of a colourful happy mix focused around my latest purchase, 1/2 metre of Amy Butler's 'Double Fault Floral' in this stunning colour called Cherry, part of her latest 'Splendor' Collection. I just love the colours and that interesting pattern . . . Linking up with Beth for 'main crush Monday' here at cookingupquilts

I made a couple of 10" trial blocks and it all just started to grow from there.

It's been a while since I've used solids in my quilts, they called for some careful pressing.
There is a great post on pressing seams here if you are like me and need a little reminder.

I rotated the quilt a few times, just to check it looked balanced from every angle - a little trick I picked up recently from Kaja at sewslowly.

Well this sure brightens up a dull day.
I thought I'd have a go with quilting wavy lines to really add some texture to those -ve space bits. And then bind with a tried & true b & w stripe, yes? Sharing my improv effort with Kaja and Ann over here for this months Ad Hoc Improv Quilter

And up on my design wall this week . . .
 my new scrappy WiP "ebay on point"
- a Kaffe pattern that has always always appealed to me, from his Caravan of Quilts book 

It's great to be using so many of these fabrics from my scrap basket. The pattern is simple, however I'm finding to get that all important 'contrast' thing-y happening, I am having to juggle bits & pieces around until it's just right. And I'm really trying hard "not to analyze the fabric for its beautiful design but rather, consider each only for its colour."

It's taking me awhile, and thank goodness for the design wall, just wish I had heaps of squares all precut, ready to stick up there, reject, replace . . .

. . . which leads me nicely onto . . . scrap sorting
I've also been busy cutting up extra scrap squares, I guess it's a tidy-as-I-go effort too
- a novel approach for me,
but I'll let you know how it does go.

Linking up with Cynthia here for 'oh scrap'


  1. I don't know if the OCD in me could ever make an improve quilt, Loving the Kaffe quilt.

  2. Some lovely things happening at your place.

  3. Nice job on the improve quilt top. Love your color choices! I will have to go check my Kaffe book - I need a new project to use up more of his fabric. I like yours based on color. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  4. Love the fabrics you chose to go with the Amy Butler floral! That will be a beautiful gift!

  5. You have a great scrap collection! I really liked how adding the white set off your prints so you could see just them without competing, but as my eye went around the top it stopped with the blue with grey spot, and Liberty looking with lavender. They look amazing together!

    And I have to say something about your Kaffe quilt. I've tried several times to make quilts based on color contrast without regard to the print, and have failed. It was somehow too jumbled up. But I see you've paired several of the same fabrics in a row one after the next, and it works SO well. That is a trick I will use the next time. I'm glad I saw it work here. Good lesson for me. Thank you!

  6. Love the brights with the solids in your improv blocks, very fun. Your scrappy project is going together beautifully. I have problems with letting things develop, I tend to match things up too much.

  7. I will look forward to hearing how your cutting up squares and tidy as you go method works. I have been thinking about starting to cut up some squares or strips or something with my stash. It really needs some pruning and if I have pre-cut pieces, maybe they'll actually get used! Love your scrappy quilts! I haven't had the guts to try anything wonky yet. I just finished a wonky block for a Stash Bee and it was waaay outside my comfort zone! Visiting form the linky party at Quilting is More Fun Thank Housework.

  8. This pattern from Kaffe is ideal for using up those left over square, and I love how yours is looking!
    I can't wait to see what's happing with you and Julie - roll on April 1.

  9. Both your projects look great. Love the Kaffe one on the design wall. Well done for cutting up scraps into squares. This is what I like to do -and strings too as Bonnie Hunter suggests in her Scrap System. Nice to be able to grab them for a project.

  10. That Cherry print is amazing! I tried the cut and clean up as you go method and it worked for a while, then I got out of the habit. I hope it goes well for you! I love seeing scrap quilts and yours looks amazing.

  11. I liked that Amy Butler fabric when you got it, so I'm happy to see it in a quilt. I love what you have done - great mix of prints and solids and those little touches of black and white.

  12. I love your work and colors! Your improv blocks are super.
    Thanks for the tips.

  13. I like the solids and brights, and yes to the black and white binding. Very nice!

  14. The whites go so well in the improv, especially because of the flowery speingtime theme. Your use of the Kaffe in squares is great, so colorful. Keep up the good work!

  15. Oh, Linda. Love the mix of prints and solids in your Coin quilt, as well as the way you rotated the strip sets. It's so fun to see how this simple design can be altered and adjusted.
    I like the way you organized your scrap design by color.
    Thanks for joining #AHIQChineseCoins and linking your post which adds so much to conversation.

  16. So wonderful to see the fabulous projects you've been working on.

  17. Ooh, I wonder what you and Julie are up to? Roll on Saturday! Great quilts you're working on. I have plans to cut up bits - even bought containers for them. Ain't happenin' yet!

  18. Your Chinese coins turned out beautifully! That white border really sets it off. The new Kaffe project looks promising too, I must look it up again. Great post!

    1. Thank you Monica!
      Yes, I too love this mix of colour, and pattern, and improv with the ‘cherry coin’ blocks! I haven’t used a lot of white fabric in my quilts lately, or lots of solids either for that matter.
      But I wanted to give it a go, it’s modern yet... simple, wonky & fresh.

      I did start out with the ‘on point’ Kaffe pattern thinking – anything will work! But it didn’t :(
      So I’ve had a few versions of this up on the design wall now, and hopefully I’m slowly getting there.
      Thanks for stopping by

  19. I love both your projects, but the Kaffe is really capturing my heart!

  20. Must be the stripes on the first project, they just speak to me right now! Love that one!


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