Sunday, 12 March 2017

broken dishes {a WiP}

Vintage inspired pretty floral fabrics are on my cutting mat this weekend

I decided to use one of Elizabeth & Elizabeth from simplesimonandco quilt designs as my starting point, a Broken Dishes Quilt using simple HSTs. Their version is a little different, a little quirky, it changes the scale of the blocks and the fabric combinations are randomly scattered rather than placed systematically, which not only shows off the fabric but gives the quilt a modern feel.

I added a blue check and a selection of neutral prints from the recently released Blueberry Park collection. There are 21 Broken Dishes Blocks.

Then 4 more 9″x 9" “blocks” that are just solid pieces of fabric, to add variety to the quilt and to show off those wonderful 'outback wife' fabrics.

Hope you find some sewing time too
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  1. I love watching you play with these large florals, because I wouldn't have a clue how to approach them while you turn them into happy gorgeousness. It's such a treat to see your quilts!

  2. Oh I do like this one Linda! Wonder what this would be like in Tula Pink or KF fabrics!!

  3. I love these fabrics so much, and your pattern choice is spot on; just the right mix of modern and traditional.

    1. Thank you so much Kaja!
      I’m just wondering about a border now, but will let it ‘sit’ for a bit before I make my final decision!

  4. FUN - no other word for it! (Okay, maybe beautiful, sunny, and gorgeous work too... :D)

  5. Well, this is fun! I think it's really funny that fabric designs from my youth are showing up as vintage. I remember making a dress (and matching purse) out of a wild daisy print (much like your pink print except in greens and yellows). That print was everywhere, even on tableware. In fact, I saw it in some plastic glasses in an "antique" store the other day. Re-sewing our past will be a blast with all these new/old fabric designs. You've got a good head start!!

  6. Gorgeous fabrics as usual, Linda. Like JanineMarie, I also had a daisy print dress and headband in daisies. Mine were blue.

  7. Gorgeous! What a great pattern to show off those beautiful fabrics.


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