Tuesday, 18 April 2017

neverending scrap story

Remember my scrap sorting efforts a week or so ago?

Well, I've kept on cutting up extra scrap squares into usable pieces as I work on my present project, selecting mainly lots of low volumes and a few brights.
Initially I had no idea how I was going to use them, and then I stumbled upon a tutorial for a 'magic numbers' quilt here by Katie over at sewkatiedid. The squares are 2 1/2" 4 1/2" and 6 1/2" which all fit nicely together. It's a great idea for a spot of scrap busting and a relatively simple way to try out some improv.

My challenge was to use no new fabrics for this quilt as the scrap basket was overflowing  . . . again. When I had quite a few squares cut out, I began sewing them together in little slabs. And once I started playing with them I couldn't stop. I also added a few leftover orphan blocks to create some interest.

First section all done . . .

but I'm enjoying this and I do want it a bit bigger
so I'm moving onto another section this week . . . gotta use up those neverending scraps

Fabrics used so far include leftover outback wife bits & pieces, Kaffe, AMH, fabrics from a BOM that I didn't complete, 'gingercrush' from Treehouse Textiles in Australia, some Blueberry Park bits by Karenlewistextiles, and a tiny bit of Liberty.

Linking up with Em for 'moving it forward' over here at emsscrapbag


  1. I'm p;eased that you're going to make this bigger Linda, it's looking lovely. Your butterfly and quarter circle really complement each other.

  2. I love where this is going! You’re so great in using scraps! Maybe you talked about the size of the scraps you save on your blog before, but I’m always curious to know what size of fabric quilters consider to be a scrap. I store lots of smaller pieces of fabric in between my fat eights and fat quarters in baskets... ;-)

  3. I love how you are doing this and incorporating the leftover blocks from other projects - usually I don't like quilts that have a lot of left over blocks in them, they never quite look right to me - but this one gives me ideas.

  4. Your new scraps-to-be-used-up quilt is looking great!

  5. Great use of all your lovely scraps. I really like the addition of a few orphan blocks.

  6. This is beautiful and looks like a ton of fun to make! Total win!

  7. Yes, keep going! Your orphan blocks fit so well and give nice points of focus.

  8. I have to say that your scraps look waaaay better than mine do!!

  9. Loving how this scrappy creation is moving along!

  10. This just gets better and better.

  11. I love your incorporation of orphans with these scraps and am glad you're making it larger. What a heartwarming delight this will be.


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