Sunday, 16 April 2017

finally . . . a finish!

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And here we are into April already. I've got lots of projects simmering away, some in my head, some up on the design wall. But . . . it's beginning to feel like I haven't had a "finish" for ages. This long Easter weekend I put everything else aside, and set about fixing that.

I've had a pile of leftover string blocks sitting around for ages now, waiting . . . waiting . . . very patiently. These 6" blocks have been made up from all the leftover scrappy bits I'd been saving from lots of earlier quilts, as far back as when I had my little patchwork shop {and we are talking years ago here, about 1986}.
I've mixed up all sorts of busy prints with checks, dots, small scale prints, some Liberties, some Kaffe, a little bit of chintz, and low volume fabrics.

With the string piecing all ready done
it turned out to be such a simple thing to stitch them all together . . .

add some simple straight line quilting . . .

then the binding,  a nice narrow black & white stripe . . .

et voilà! . . . one scrappy string quilt all finished

Linking up with Cynthia for 'oh scrap' over here 

Family coming over for Easter dinner, off now to prepare the roast lamb,
with Annabel's roast veges & couscous, and {dairy free} easter eggs for the two little ones
Happy Easter everyone


  1. String quilts are my favourite. Yours is really lovely. Well done for finishing it.

  2. What a lovely, happy string quilt. It's a perfect quilt for spring to brighten up your day. Congrats on a beautiful finish!!

  3. Congrats on a finish. I love string quilts but yours is so light and lovely! Happy Easter.mary in Az

  4. That is so pretty! I love the sweet colors you used. What a good idea to make up a few string blocks every now and then. Pretty soon you have enough for a quilt!

  5. I haven't even touched my sewing machine this week. That shot of your quilt with the sewing machine is just perfect.
    Hope you had a lovely Easter with your family.

  6. String quilts are my favorite! And this one is especially charming. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

    1. Thanks Cynthia! I’m so tempted to make another one!
      After seeing your one with those yummy ‘pops’ of red, I was thinking I’d make rectangle blocks next time and make the centre strings in each block from an accent fabric, so they create a wonky diamond shape.
      Oh dear, another one for the ‘to do’ list!

  7. Another beautiful finish Linda! Was this made using foundation squares?

  8. I love sting quilts and yours is so cute. And you found the perfect fabric for binding it.
    Great finish!

  9. A pretty piece that no doubt holds many memories with each strip of fabric. Did you sew the binding on using your treadle sewing machine?

  10. Sometimes the simplest things are the best!

  11. LOVE your fluffy looking String Quilt!! It looks PERFECT for snuggling.

  12. A spring string quilt! (Though I realize it's fall for you...) That stripey binding is perfect!

  13. It’s gorgeous! I always find it hard to stay focussed on a one block quilt. You did an amazing job!


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