Saturday, 3 June 2017

stars & steps

Hello again !
Well there's been very little action on the sewing front for me this week,
lots of family time instead.

We have my BinL and his wife staying with us, on their way to Vietnam.
I offered her a quilt and, to my surprise,
she chose this very old blue & brown quilt, made up of stars & courthouse steps blocks.
Are you ready for a quick trip down my scrappy memory lane?

It was one of the first times I'd tried combining my early small selection of Kaffes
with other fabrics available at that time.
It's very 'old school'
but I still love, love that Kaffe blue floral I used for the outer border & binding !

I had it machine quilted while I was on holiday down at Waihi a long time ago.
And then it sat on the shelf.
For years.

I'm so glad this old quilt has finally found a home and will be used & loved.
Hope you enjoyed this little peek back into my quilty past !


  1. Very effective use of coloiurs, and I love the stars and steps look. So nice it will be loved and used.

  2. Yes, certainly enjoyed a viewing of an older quilt of yours. I do like the design Linda, takes me back a while! I still have a little of the blue Kaffe fabric in my stash, I think I have some in orange as well.

  3. Sometimes it does take a long time for a quilt to find its forever home. It might be old school but it is pretty!

  4. I would say it's classic with an original twist in terms of fabrics - it's so pretty! Nice for the quilt and for your SIL to be matched up!

  5. I have always been a Kaffe's fan, I love his fabrics (especially the older ones), I always thought that most of his blue fabrics have a tiny bit too much purple undertone in them for my liking. Here, I love that you mixed it with browns and love the result, old school or not. :-)

  6. I can see why she chose this one - it's a beautiful nod to traditional quilts. So glad it will be used and loved (by someone else) now.

  7. It's a lovely quilt, no wonder your sister in law chose it. Great for you to know one of your quilts will now be used and enjoyed.

  8. Don't we all have a quilty past with Kaffe fabrics, mine was combining one of his large floral prints with feedsack and thirties prints. The quilt is over 15 years old and I still love it. So nice that you gave your quilt away.

  9. I love the log cabin, Ohio star blocks and then the red, blue, cream and brown make it perfectly classic.
    A treasure.

  10. Lovely - and it definitely has the feel of your current work too.

  11. I’ve always loved the mix of blue and brown. It’s a beautiful quilt and I do recognize your ‘style’!

  12. It's beautiful! I'm a big fan of combining Kaffe with *everything*, and this is just perfect!
    And I do love that cuddly old-fashioned feel of a red/blue/brown color scheme. (It's one of my favorites!)

  13. Gorgeous quilt! Your SIL picked well.

  14. I am so enjoying reading your blog.. the maverick uses of fabrics, and the way that a traditionally 2 colour or 2 fabric quilt is substituted, in the way of the antique quilts. These really appeal to me. Thank you for sharing your work. Inspiring.


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