Wednesday, 14 June 2017

bicycles, and boardwalks, and birds oh my!

 I'm mid flight making a couple of little quilts to have all ready for another grandchild
Yesterday I dug out an oldish fabric pack and pattern I've had since 2011,
'green quilt' by Jo from dixeysoul

I don't often use quilt packs, much prefer to add my own eclectic choice to things
but just look at these gorgeous fabric combos . . .

. . . this selection of fabrics has a bit of a retro feel with those bicycles
and is from Birchfabrics, Avalon 100% organic cotton {see here for more details}

The pattern consists of lots of 8" drunkard's path blocks,
with the added interest of different sized curves
Most are nice gentle curves so I'm using the 'no pin' method on the machine.

baby quilt #2 is well under way now!
Linking up with Beth for 'main crush Monday' over here at cookingupquilts
and with Lorna for 'show & tell' over here at sewfreshquilts

a bit more #61
Library haul for today

Started reading 'Bel Canto' by Ann Patchett - the story is riveting
and I just can't put it down!
Briefly, it's about members of a revolutionary movement in Peru who are held hostages at the Japanese ambassador’s house for 126 days. The novel explores the tensions and unexpected alliances that develop when a group of culturally disparate strangers – the terrorists and their hostages – are confined in close quarters for months. 


  1. Those bicycles are adorable! And I really like the idea of drunkard's path blocks with different sized curves. Can't wait to see this one!
    And congrats on the new grand!

  2. Oh, the drunkard path blocks are so fun with the bicycles but I hardly call 6 year old fabric "oldish." It's barely "aged to perfection."

    1. Thanks! Hehe, I guess it’s just that I hadn’t looked at those fabrics in quite some time... seemed like strangers to me :)

  3. Oh what a beauty!!I I have to second the comment above re the "oldish 6yr old fabric",I am presently cutting into Hoffman fabrics from 20 years ago!!!

  4. These fabrics look wonderful in drunkard's path. Love the bicycles! I've been reading a number of novels about WW1 and just started another about George Washington.

  5. Cheerful, happy, perfect quilt idea for a little one.

  6. What a fun and happy quilt for a wee one... I'm with the others about 'old' fabric hehe. (And what else but this interesting mix would you expect from Jo?!) Those do look like nice curves to sew :-)

  7. Oh, what a cute way to use those bicycles. You sure sew those curves with ease! I guess since it's a baby quilt you probably should call it bicycle path instead of drunkard's path!

  8. I love these fabrics for a baby quilt and they look perfect in the drunkard's path too.


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