Wednesday, 28 June 2017

three little quilts and just a bit more

 There's lots happening up on my design wall at the moment
want a little peep . . .

Currently though, I am focusing on three little quilts and they are all at different stages

I made more 'drunkard's path'  8" blocks during the week
When I had 25, I gathered them all up together and made a busy bright baby quilt top
It's all ready now for basting & quilting  . . .

I was late joining in with the #junequiltqal and so I spent a bit of time earlier this week 
making up more low volume blocks for my pink² baby quilt

After making up a few low volume blocks, I decided to try and make them more interesting
I started adding in fabrics with bright colours against a calm background
- the contrasting 'pops' of colour seem to add movement
and the similar white/cream backgrounds still tie the different prints together
Have a closer look to see what I mean . . .

and of course you can't go wrong with throwing in the occasional black & white print,
gives a bit more of a scrappy, eclectic look . . .

In the evenings I've been hand quilting my 'lots of dots' baby quilt
It's relaxing & so soothing after a stressful week . . .

I love combining machine quilting with hand quilting lately
I initially did straight line machine quilting all over this little quilt, nothing fancy
just enough to secure the layers without distracting from the scrappy feel of the quilt.
 And now I'm making good progress with some hand quilting.

oh, and then there has also been a little bit more 'whimsy' love
I'm machine piecing these 9" blocks and they take about an hour to make
The tiny check and red & white stripe are going to be consistent in these blocks. 
Lots of fun choosing only just two other fabrics each time,
instead of my usual all-out scrappy . . .

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Just to give you all the heads up -
Julie & I have decided to post 'Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHARE' linkups every fortnight now
See you back here Wednesday 5 July 

oh, and just a bit more today #62
6 1/2yr old Olive wanted to make me a birthday cake last week
She chose the receipe from her 'Gruffalo' cookbook  . . .
wrote up her own shopping list & went shopping with gramps . . .
and then she measured & poured & stirred & decorated with granny . . .

Hehe, wasn't I a lucky granny?


  1. WOW and a cake too. You are one lucky and busy granny. Love everything!

    1. It was a pretty messy kitchen that day, but Olive & I had such a lot of fun together! Wish now I'd taken more photos, but my hands were kinda covered in flour, etc.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Happy Birthday! You have so many beautiful projects going on right now. I really love those stars. You must have had a hard time cutting into that cake. It is so cute!

  3. What an extra special birthday cake! I hope your day was fabulous, you are a June baby like me! I did have a wee giggle at your comment you were 'focusing on 3 quilts' !! Funny! Hard to really focus on more than one for me! I like the way the drunkards path is looking.

  4. You have so many lovely projects going on at once and they all look so good. I like them all!

  5. Belated Birthday Wishes Linda :-) What a fabulous cake by Olive!! You have a lot of gorgeous projects happening at your place - I especially love the Whimsy blocks. ANd the Drunkards Path makes a great baby quilt - believe it or not!!!!

  6. Interesting that your're machine piecing those gorgeous blocks! Love the red stripey corners.:) Happy, Happy birthday! What a sweet cake!

  7. Three lovely quilts in the making. Love Olive's birthday cake. Clever girl!

    1. Thanks Linda.
      Yes, we had lots of fun that day. And, while there was mess everywhere, unintentionally it turned out to be quite a good learning experience for her, lots of working things out & measuring.
      So glad to have the 3 little quilts well on the way now. The babies aren’t due until October but I’ll have them all done, ready & waiting by then I’m sure!
      Have a good weekend.

  8. Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The cake is sweet, but my first thought when I saw it was the scene in The Godfather where the girl wakes up and finds the horse's head...(!!) I love all the happy colorfulness happening on your design wall. Especially love those 9" blocks with the striped corners. Is there a name for that block?

  9. You have got lots going on - great projects!! But I do love Olive's cake - and Happy Birthday!!

  10. Happy Birthday, a gorgeous cake!!The Gruffalo is one of my favouritte children's books too. I am loving your "Whimsy" blocks.

  11. A lovely colourful post and a great collage of your projects. I always enjoy catching up with your polka dot quilt and what a tasty ending to your post! Hope Olive had a lovely birthday!

  12. Happy birthday! And your grand daughter made you a birthday cake, lots of fun.
    Thanks for sharing the progress on your beautiful small quilts, very inspiring.

    1. Thanks for the birthday wishes!
      He he, I did laugh when Olive wanted to make that cake, I had imagined more of a chocolate ganache layered kind of thing!
      Have a good weekend

  13. That cake is ADORABLE! I love all the quilts, but oh my, that cake! 8)

  14. What a lucky granny you are! How many grannies have birthday cake baked by a grandie? Not this one anyway. It would be very difficult to choose a quilt to work on with so many pretty ones in progress. How do you decide?


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