Thursday, 4 January 2018


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Happy New Year everyone! Here we are, right at the start of a whole new year. For me, this is always a good time to try & get more organized, and prioritise my WiPs. I'm keeping up with each new pattern for the boho patchwork quiltalong as they come out, have a little peep . . .

Ten little sweet 'mod tulip' blocks . . .

and some super simple 'filler' blocks . . .

Anthologie Quilt is a sampler quiltalong that I joined in with late last year. Pop on over here at barijquiltalong and here at SouthernCharmQuilts with Melanie to catch up.
Next time it's lots of Dresden plates, the biggest part of the quilt. Looking forward to adding lots of lovely extra touches to the centres, like collage, crochet lace and sashiko to give it all a little extra boho flair.

So yep, I've been looking at my WiP list and working out what's next. I'm making steady progress on my 'whimsy' blocks blocks from last year and as I come across any stripey blue fabrics I've been making up a few more 'handkerchief corner' blocks too.
And then I may have just got a little bit sidetracked {again} over the summer hols with a new project, but more about that next time.


  1. Looking good, I really like the mod tulip blocks all those lovely low volume background fabrics.

  2. Happy New Year Linda! All the blocks for the Boho quilt-along look amazing!

  3. Happy New Year! Love all of your blocks and those delicious fabrics. But the mid tulip blocks are fabulous. I've saved then in my Patchwork Blocks page on Pinterest. Perhaps there are some in m future? But I'd better finish some of my other things first!

  4. Some cute blocks there, I love that AG floral with the navy background. I'm using mine sparingly.

  5. Gorgeous blocks. Loving the fabrics you are using.

  6. So lovely! Really happy looking blocks.:)


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