Wednesday, 10 January 2018

the Evie Quilt

The time is fast approaching when even my sewing room will be all boxed up :(  So I'm making the most of these last few days getting some hand stitching projects all sorted and making a couple of quick quilts.

Sometimes we just need some fast project ideas, for a gift maybe, a deadline coming up real quick like our settlement date, or just to get back into sewing mode after a break. Little quilts are my favourite fast finish, a great way to try out ideas, fabrics, color combinations, and of course, just perfect for teaching purposes!

One quilt I revisit often is the bricks path quilt, a real 'utility' type of quilt. I'm finding more & more this simple rectangular shape can turn out to be a real delight, depending on your fabric choices.
I've been working on this little quilt using fabrics from my stash basket, like many I'm serious about sewing from my stash this year.

- close up of the binding

the Evie Quilt
A new quilt for Evie,
I'm sure a few sleepovers in Granny's new house will be in my future
- especially as we will be living so much closer!

So many of my favourite fabrics in this
My colour combo here was pink, taupe & blues with accents in plum & gold.
I'm thinking a vintage floral sheet backing
& the dusky pink binding will really finish this off nicely - in a girly sort of way.
Quilt top measures 150cms x 110cms, with each rectangle cut 3 1/2" x 7 1/2"

We all love a quick project once in a while
- I'd love to hear about your favourite.

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  1. just love easy quilts like this one to use up scraps - I have used this pattern too - so you are packing up for a move - well look forward to photos of your new sewing area

    1. Thanks Karen.
      Yes, the ‘house deadline’ is coming up really quick now!
      All sewing is about to come to a screaming halt... just for a bit :)

  2. sometimes a gal just has to sew! It has fabulous self medicating properties......lucky Evie and lucky you having your grandkids so close xx

  3. Such a pretty quilt, lovely colours. Evie will love staying at Granny's and sleeping under this lovely quilt. Good luck with Moving Day (and its aftermath!)

  4. Lovely and quick. You’re so right; sometimes this is just what we need. I like working with fabrics on easy rectangles. Good luck with the upcoming move.

  5. Simple quilts are timeless for a reason. I'm seriously trying to make a dent in my stash this year too, there are new fabrics I'd like to buy, but I no longer feel the urge to buy up large or hoard them.

  6. I have to agree that if you choose the right fabrics a simple design is all you need.
    It does look lovely.
    And it is special to have quilts for the grandies to use when they visit.

    1. Thank you Karen. I played a little with the fabrics in this quilt before sewing it all together. So glad I popped in a few darker fabrics - they seem to make everything look better!

  7. Beautiful! So fresh and pretty. Best wishes with your move. Enjoy your new home!

  8. Best wishes for your move! Evie's quilt is a beauty, and you'll be closer after your move!
    More fun.

  9. Great use of your stash; the fabrics look really good together. All the best for your move.

  10. Good to sneak in a bit of quick and easy sewing before everything is packed away, and what a lovely result. I really like the touches of stronger colour in the mix. Good luck with the last of your packing and with the move.

  11. You have the most fascinating stash! I love the way you play with color.
    Good luck with the move, and may the settling in be smooth and easy!

  12. What a wonderful quilt this will be! I love simple, graphic piecing like this.


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