Friday, 3 August 2018

it's a wrap, or two, or four

It's no secret, I collect fabric, and my daughter collects wraps.
They are practical, comfy, sanity saving at times, and 
. . . the fabrics her wraps are made of are so so lovely

 - Johnny just wanted to play with granny & gramps, not have a photo shoot.

wrap stats:
All cotton, double weave
in emerald & copper brown
4.6 metres (now that's alotta fabric!)

and a few close-up pics of a couple of her other wraps . . .

and the Harry Potter plaid wrap
'The One Who Lived' and is made by Pretty Paisley . . .

I'm plotting & planning now how best  I we could use these fabrics
you know, when Johnny gets too big.
Maybe floppy messenger bags (instead of plastic), cushion covers, cowl scarf or shawl, soft toys, utility style quilts oh, I've heaps of ideas.


  1. nice for the baby to be close.

  2. Beautiful and what a lot of possibilities there are ahead.

  3. What a sweet babe! And those brown eyes, I'm won over.
    Wraps are multifunctional for sure.

  4. What lovely wraps. . . and ideas for future use. They would make wonderful backing for a quilt. It would be so soft

  5. OMG.....Love the wraps......and the baby

  6. I find wraps and scarves so attractive. These are beautiful and useful.

  7. Lovely collection of wraps, and yes, these could be put to good use further down the track.


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