Wednesday, 29 August 2018

HSTs as far as the eyes can see

Here's a few pics of what I've been working on this week
- my 'triangle tiles' WiP

You know, I must have stared at the inspiration vintage quilt over & over so many times, trying to work out just what it was that appealed to me about this quilt, {see back here}.

For one thing, it's scrappy, and I like the make-do look about it with the occasional non-matching 'rogue' squares. And I do love the clever colour palette.
To me, it's essentially a pink & blue quilt, with the blues being in the majority. There's a few other pink/peach combos and a red or three thrown in, and some greys. There's also a couple of really random bright orange-y/gold fabrics in the original quilt.

It's such a wonderful quilt.
Question is,
can I shop my stash and make it work?

After making a few blocks I could see things needed editing even a little more. So today I've been trying to bridge the gap between the really saturated colours with a few more blending blocks so things merge a bit and, as Julie from quiltdivajulie recently commented, so it all looks more cohesive.

With this in mind, I prepared a selection of blocks. Lots of blues with a wide range of hues & a few pinks, all cut and ready to sew . . . scrap fabrics & a simple block . . . sewday . . . I checked the time and a couple of hours had gone.

Here's how the design wall is looking now . . .

HSTs as far as the eyes can see
- and more underway!

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  1. Finding the right color balance is my biggest challenge when making a scrappy quilt. Looks like you've got that under control. These are such fun and colorful blocks.

  2. It looks fantastic! I suddenly spotted some plain squares ;-)

  3. I think you have definitely captured the feel of the original - but done your own way. LOVE IT!!

  4. Love all your half square triangles. Can't wait to see your quilt!

  5. A lovely scrap quilt in the making. I'm enjoying watching this develop.

  6. I do so love the block sets of hsts! Such a lovely idea. Makes me feel guilty for not working on my HST Medallion quilt.:)

  7. Fun scrappiness!
    HSTs can be arranged in so many different ways.
    I see the solid squares tucked in here and there too, good design element.
    Yours look wonderful.

  8. Oh, it's looking wonderful! I use an Easy Angle ruler to cut my HSTs - all that needs trimming is a little dog ear. If I had to do a lot of trimming on HSTs I probably would never make one!

  9. It's looking good! My favourite quilt rule -- it's easier to match 50 fabrics than 5. Have a happy scrappy day!


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