Friday, 22 February 2019

Friday is all about fabric

First up, a few recent additions to my stash . . .

Here's what we are looking at from AMH's tambourine collection
Spotted in the Crowd in Shah,Gypsy Heart in Confection, Gypsy Heart in Waking, 
& Messages in Perfume

'Spotted in the Crowd in King' originally from AMH's field study collection
A wonderful leopard print, and a long time favourite of mine
I bought a larger amount than I would usually, I'm thinking it could possibly be perfect for borders

And, over the past few months, I've been slowly collecting these new assorted pinks & golds, mainly fat 1/4's and an occasional 1/2 metre piece. I gathered them all up today to see how they would look, all together, for maybe another scrappy quilt? Maybe the free Moda pattern moda love quilt?

Everyone has a different definition of a scrap. However, it got me wondering, is it still considered a 'scrappy quilt' if I bought all the fabrics that I think I might use for a particular quilt? I'm pretty sure that once I cut up a variety of these prints, add in a few more low volumes, and put it all back together again, it will look very scrappy. What do you think?

. . . until next time


dutchcomfort said...

Lovely fabrics! Once you cut up your FQ, you have scraps ;-)! The Moda Love quilt, looks like a great one to make!

Kleine Vingers said...

I love scrappy quilts and do not mind if they are made from stash or from actual scraps.

Kate said...

I'm not one for quilting rules, so I think you can define scrappy however you like, it's your quilt. Love all those different prints. You are so bold with your patterns and colors and use them so skillfully.

Janie said...

I agree with Kate, define as you like.
Scrappy to me means not 'matchy matchy' but instead a personal fun mix with good contrast.
Mixing it up is scrappy.

Julie said...

That leopard print has so many possibilities. I think scrappy just means not from the same range, a pick n mix from your stash.

Mystic Quilter said...

I agree, the leopard print is a definite winner. To me a scrappy quilt can be either made up just with scraps of fabric left over from a multitude of previous quilts or a mixed selection of fat quarters, half metres or more, whatever takes your fancy!

Karen S said...

I think you are right and that the fabrics will look good s a scrappy quilt.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

People often comment about my fabric choices, so I thought I’d share a little about my shopping habits! It all gets mixed up into the stash!

It’ll be interesting making the modalovequilt, I haven’t made a large scaled up design like this block before.
I’m hoping my scrappy pink & gold selection will show up well and the quilt looks relatively easy to piece... so fingers crossed 

And thanks for taking the time to add to the scrappy discussion.

moosecraft said...

Whoops! I just noticed I commented on the wrong post....see previous post... *blush*