Monday, 17 June 2019

more questions than answers

Some time ago my friend Glenys was given a shoebox of hexagons. The fabrics were from years back, some had a chintz texture, others cotton, and one or two were made from a heavier fabric. A box of hexis like these could easily spend their life unfinished.

Oh my, what to do? It's not like Glenys knew the lady who had made all these, so she doesn't feel any emotional connection.  And we’ll never be sure what the original quilt maker had in mind when she started making these. But can Glenys just throw all this hard work away? Could you?

Let's have a closer look  . . .

Did whoever piece these have a colour palette in mind?
They were certainly arranged in careful colour groupings in the shoebox

And what was going on here with all that double stitching?
Was she an EPP beginner? 
These are going to prove problematical when it comes to pulling the papers out, aren't they?

She used this viewing template for her fussy cutting, 
it was see-through thick plastic edged in painted black . . .

Was she going for a wonderful full-on scrappy hexi quilt?

And why did she stop making them?

And all this has got me thinking!
I'm wondering if maybe some of Glenys' hexis could be used for upcycling on other projects or some fabric collage maybe, see here. I found a few other ideas in Blair's book here, and Jessica from quiltyhabit has some excellent ideas on using up your stash, stuff you've now become uninspired with, maybe it's excess and/or leftover stash, but you bought it and you want to use it up.

While moving house, I did start to get a bit ruthless when it came to my fabric stash & half finished WiPs. I couldn't store it all, and I had fallen 'out of love' with some of the ideas and fabric pulls I had for future quilts. So some of it was actually chucked out, and a couple of bags of fabric bits & pieces went to Glenys - given to the right person, who knows what could happen with your leftovers. And, I also set aside some larger pieces of fabric to make up into future scrappy quilt backings.

I'm sure many of us have a little collection of hexis tucked away in our sewing rooms, or the beginnings of a quilty idea, or maybe a bunch of leftovers from other projects, or dated fabric, etc that we need to either use or sort out.

But my last question is this . . . what do you do with those now unwanted, unfinished projects?


dutchcomfort said...

I have a basket full of hexagons. I used to make one out of every new piece of fabric that I bought. Not sure if they will ever be sttched together as I’m not too crazy about EPP. I sometimes try to make unfinished projects into charity quilts, or I give away the fabrics I’m no longer in love with to the same organization I make these quilts for. But to be honoust... I don’t enjoy working with the unwanted fabrics as much as working with fabrics that make me happy!

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

Oh I would have to use them somehow, I can just see the lady sitting fussy cutting and stitching them all. I like the fabrics she used too, and the way they are fussy cut. Maybe some kind of arty design with a focus on colour. I have great problems parting with unfinished projects although I did throw some old and very bad stuff away a couple of years ago. I’m going on a quest soon, to get some of them either finished or to just slash the fabrics and work to date and make it into some sort of improv work. After all, it’s just fabric and if it turns into a dogs dinner it will make a quilt for a dogs bed!

Leeanne said...

What an interesting project you have there. It does make you wonder doesn't it? It looks like some thought has gone into fabric choices. I will confess to several unwanted projects that just felt like a noose around my neck, so I sold them, then i used the money for fabric and projects I do love........I have no guilt what so ever and the noose it gone from my neck! Good luck!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have just a few bits and pieces that I'm not sure what I will use them for and sometimes I am really tempted to just toss them - recently I made a table runner from 2 applique blocks that I added things to but there are some more things to use - maybe more table runners to be made

Janie said...

Maybe she just liked making little hexagon 'treasures'. Some of my quilt friends find making up hexagons addictive. And yes, keeping stash up to date is a good thing.

Susan said...

There are some wonderful fabrics in amongst the hexies! I try not to have unfinished projects sitting around too long, for that very reason. I try to get them done and then get rid of them - to the op shop and even at a trash and treasure market. With fabric, sometimes I just throw it out! Don't judge me!

moosecraft said...

It really depends on the project.... but, I have sold some, donated some (online) and tossed some... I live in an area where quilting (or hobbies in general) are not so it's difficult to share unwanted stuff.

Raewyn said...

Oh I have plenty of projects gathering dust - but generally I don't feel I've fallen out of love with them - maybe I'm not as passionate about some of them as I was; and I do know there are quilt drives and so on that could use some of them if I ever was to get them finished. It would be interesting to know how the hexie maker envisioned her project coming together - I look forward to seeing how you use (some of) them...!

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Hi Raewyn,
He he, I definitely have some stuff here I’ve lost all interest in! I’ve sold a few fabric bundles on Trade Me, passed on a few more bags to Glenys, AND I’ve chucked a few bags out too! Can’t keep it all!
And it’s quite liberating getting rid of stuff that doesn’t excite me anymore. I finally understand the benefits of the Japanese decluttering queen Marie Kondo system!

I’m not too sure what Glenys will decide to do ... someone went to a lot of work with making all those hexis. I think maybe a small quilt would look good, sticking with the vintage –y look, and something she can then gift to hospice maybe. We shall see.

Thanks for joining in with the unfinished/unwanted projects discussion.
Cheerio, Linda

Mystic Quilter said...

Quite a lot of older looking fabrics in the hexagons, hope if and when Glenys does use these perhaps you would be able to show us a photo! I have quite a lot of fabrics and books to sell, I'm off to Guild with those come August. One of the ladies at Ribbon Rose has just taken up quilting and is looking for scraps, I've promised her a decent sized bad from mine. I have three projects here which I loved when I began but don't really want to finish them, perhaps they'l end up at the Guild meeting too.