Thursday, 9 July 2020

from my place to yours

On the design floor: When the scrap basket is overflowing I default to making a scrappy quilt. Every. time. I'm busy making making wonky, scrappy 11 1/2" log cabin blocks at present. 
I'm using lots of neutral strips and muddy medium fabrics. To avoid a really murky quilt though, I'm including light lights and a selection of dark darks too... so yep, it's a bit of everything really!
I'm using vintage blue/green for the center blocks, in a wildly scrappy quilt like this, it can be nice to have a little touch of continuity. 
Linking up with Cyndy for 'oh scrap' here. Still many more blocks to make yet, but here's a wee peek . . .

A little stash enhancement: Way back at the beginning of May I ordered an18 piece FQ bundle called Wildflower Fields Bundle, from Melanie from Meander & Make, I guess not that many planes flying back & forth between the States & NZ at present. 
However, some happy mail finally arrived this week! A sweet selection of florals & solids from various designers. I'm loving the peachy pink with gold combo! With a healthy scattering of neutrals, they could all work beautifully together {the 'moon goddess' quilt here caught my eye}.

From my Aunty: As some of you know, I've had a busy month helping my 94yr old Aunty downsize from her house to one bedroom. It's been a sad & difficult time for her, but we did have a laugh when we got to sorting out her wardrobes … so many vintage bits & pieces, and so many stories & so much history. 
She was in the RAF in England during the war, and at the end they were all given a section of parachute silk. Her mother stitched Aunty's section up into a delicate soft petticoat & matching knicker set . . .

I did see 'quilty' potential in her blouse and her green & white striped skirt though. I must pop back to LeeAnn from niftyquilts blog soon, she uses recycled clothing bits & pieces in her improv work, so inspiring. 
And Aunty's {new & never used} vintage sheets will be perfect for quilt backings, and of course she had heaps of doilies. Here's a few things I've washed so far and made a special 'from aunty' shelf in the sewing room for . . .  

Our son & his wife live in Melbourne, and it was heartbreaking to hear the news yesterday, 
they have gone back into sudden lockdown for six weeks.
To all, stay safe, sending hugs & love your way. 



  1. Nice new collection of fabric Linda and the pieces you've gathered from your Aunty's collection are looking good, especially the small pieces of embroidery.

  2. You really did find some treasures from your Aunt... so much history... and so beautiful. Luckily they can wait until the perfect project idea strikes!

  3. Lovely stash enhancement Linda! The citrus yellow is particularly pretty!

  4. A good way to keep the scraps under control by defaulting to making a scrappy quilt. Using the same colour in each centre square will give the quilt a nice cohesiveness. Have you considered using some of the vintage sheets in your scrap quilts? the one that you have pictured is quite lovely.

  5. Lovely way to keep some of Aunty's things - a special shelf is such a good idea. How wide are your scrappy log cabin strips?

  6. Some lovely family treasures that I'm sure you will find a creative way to make into a special keepsake or two.

  7. How intriguing to have some new sentimental pieces to think about working with! Your scrap basket always makes the best quilts.:)

  8. The log cabin blocks are looking great. And I do like the fabric package that arrived. Yes, everything is moving slowly when it comes to the mail.
    Lovely collection from your aunty. That is very special.

  9. Log cabins are a great way to use our scraps. I have the same problem when the bottom of the bag approaches. Lots of dull stuff. Good idea to add some color and the blue centers are lovely, too.
    How fun to have mementos from your aunt to play with in future.

  10. I wish we'd go back into total lockdown, not that the people around me ever did...LeeAnna in Colorado

  11. Those beautiful treasures from your auntie! -- Both the textile treasures, as well as the memories and the chance to share them together. I really like your scrappy log cabin blocks, probably because they have that moody character to them, but are brightened by the neutrals and the blue/green centers. It reminds me of getting bogged down by all of the depressing news in the world, and then looking up at a clear blue sky decorated with fluffy white clouds -- and it all just melts away.


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