Friday, 7 May 2021

one thing leads to another

Such a fun & fast make!
The colour combo in this is delightful, there's something about pairing up the teal with the tangerine/orange that makes me smile. I'm following Rachel from stitchedincolor tutorial for my 'penny patch' quilt, a full proof pattern for sure. 
My priority was to use up those fabrics that I had cut out years ago. I added in a few other vintage-y small scale prints along the way for more variety. I had to keep in mind though, that more than half of the fabrics needed to be low volume to create that soft feel. Here's a few photos . . .

I love how one thing leads to another … as I was finishing up piecing this little quilt together … I began planning another quilt too! It started out primarily to use up the leftover pieces from the 'penny patch' fabric pull, couldn't waste 'em. Next thing I knew, I had moved onto rummaging through the scrap basket.

There's some fun value play with this. I'm using a mix of light and dark fabrics, with a few mediums thrown in to give a more of a blended look, one that fades in & out. It does create a less defined pattern, which kinda appeals to me.
I'm making scrappy 'Jacob's ladder' blocks, or maybe it's a variation called the 'jewel box' block, I'm not too sure. Jolene form blueelphantstitches recently posted her measurements using a 4patch block, I love her scrappy approach and how she explains her processes so clearly!

Et voila . . .

- a new block and an old quilt I made pre-blogging days. 
Notice the values are in the opposite locations 
AND see how clearly defined my lights & darks were using that good old cream calico!

Getting sidetracked is the. best.
And it sure is a great way to use up more of those scraps too.
Until next time, Linda


  1. That Penny Patch quilt is looking really pretty! Love that teal and tangerine color combo. Even though the design is traditional, it looks bright and modern. And a scrappy quilt is never unsuccessful, as proven by your Jacob's Ladder blocks. It's always a happy surprise to see how color and value placement can change the look of a block. Keep having fun with these!

  2. You hit the nail firmly on the head with your post title Linda! Both neat quilts, I have to say my favourite is the second 'side tracked' quilt. Keep on side tracking!

  3. An orange and teal penny patch is my favorite! You did a great job keeping the look light and airy with all the low volume pieces mixed in.

  4. How delightful to have enough extras to spark another quilt. Love the variations you're finding here.

  5. Very happy to see both tops looking great. How good to have inspiration from your own quilt for the next one!

  6. Wow, you are really on a roll at the moment.

  7. You're off and running! Your quilts remind me of summer, delightful.
    Thanks for the link to Blueelephantstitches, Lots of inspiration there.


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