Tuesday, 25 May 2021

stitching up every last scrap


- haven't found the bottom of the scrap basket yet! 

- 4patch combos, mixing florals with geometrics

- it's assembly time

I've been busy trying to use my stash for most of my sewing so far this year, trying to stitch up every last scrap of fabric goodness. 
From scrap basket to scrap quilt - precious pieces, fugly forgotten fabrics - you name it, I'm using it! I selected quite a real mix of prints for this quilt, old, new, vintage, with a few designer ones thrown in for a treat, all fabrics that would blend well together. 
While it is a scrappy 'jewel box' quilt, I also aimed for at least half of the fabrics to be tones of either pink or grey {or a pink/grey combo print}, to help give an overall cohesive look.  The process for getting the ‘right’ balance of colour & value is finally feeling right. And, I think I'll keep my eye out for a pink & grey stripe to use as binding, it could be the icing on the cake maybe. 

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Until next time, Linda


  1. This turned out beautifully! Love how it looks on the bed...nice work to use up all those scraps...
    hugs, Julierose

  2. Love it! It's so pretty!

  3. Lovely scrap quilt. It turned out great. The pink and gray combination really makes a difference.

  4. I thought that was MY scrap box for a minute.....!!!
    Your quilt looks lovely Linda! I agree- it's important to have one element that is constant to give the quilt some cohesion. And pink and grey is a great combination.

  5. I love this so much!
    And personally, I don't think scrap baskets HAVE a bottom - they're actually portals to another dimension. (One that's full of fabric!)

  6. What a lovely quilt and it's so satisfying to make a scrap quilt! I like how you've used pink/gray to unify.

  7. Love the scrappiness of your quilt. Happy stitching!

  8. This is certainly a scrap happy quilt! I love the fact that you are embracing your stash and digging into it.

  9. You have the best scraps, Linda! That's so pretty!

  10. Gorgeous scrappy quilt top!! Pink and gray stripe for the binding? Sounds SEW perfect!

  11. I am sure scrap baskets are bottomless!
    Love the combinations and I enjoy seeing the greys in there.

  12. Beautiful use of scraps and a classic pattern!
    I agree with Gayle, that scrap baskets do not have a 'bottom' but are portals into another dimension of scrap existence. That explains a lot.

  13. Love it! You’re having such great fun with your scraps!


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