Saturday, 11 September 2021

WiPs on rotation: part 2

Oh dear, too many WiPs!
Still, as you all know, I do love working on lots of different projects at any one time
and I'm super happy with the progress on my "another story" quilt.

Firstly though, thank you for all the lovely comments and questions about how I'm making this quilt. I don't want to give away all the details, as the pattern is available for downloading here. I was so happy when I realised the hexis weren't EPP, instead they are pieced on the machine, large 3" hexis with no y-seams!

- up on the design wall

- I found enough large pretty florals to make up the last batch of hexis! 

- process photo

Fussy cutting using big splashy florals has been fun! You will laugh at this though {see above pic}, I used the paper template provided in the pattern, but after I'd cut out a few fussy cut hexis, my template ended up with shaved off sides from the rotary cutter! I  didn't have a special Hex 'n More ruler but I did have a see-through Triangle Ruler so I used that, and it worked great. 

I've used a selection of bright & bold bohemian AMH florals along with a few other large scale prints, letting the fabrics do all the work! My version is a little different to the pattern, as I've used the greens as my neutral. I feel a lot of different greens creates an interesting moving, shifting green tone rather than a solid block of one shade. 

And initially it was totally unplanned, but as I was joining up my first few rows, I noticed some greens formed a star… can you see them peeking through? 

Anyway, yesterday my goal was to finish stitching my hexis together, and then today I took a few photos with the late afternoon sun shining through.  

I'm planning on adding a green stripe for binding to define the edges
but at present, this quilt will now have to wait to be quilted
… still, it’s in good company with lots of other tops that are stuck at this stage too!
Linking up with Cyndy for 'oh scrap' here

Until next time, Linda


  1. It's beautiful Linda - and looks like a great pattern to get :-) I love the (un)intentional stars - quite a lovely little surprise!

  2. I love watching you play with these large florals because I'm just stymied by them. You always make them look like the best and most gorgeous choices ever, when I would have just folded them up and put them away... (I wish your magic was contagious!)

  3. Nice! You're certainly having a good play with your floral stash... of which I have zero. That green is a nice contrast - and eye-resting place - to all the movement. I'm glad you worked out how to use a ruler for cutting, because I know about that paper-shaving thing! :-)

  4. That's so pretty, Linda! Such a great way to showcase those lovely florals. Thanks for linking to the pattern, too - I'm one of those ones who was wondering how this pattern was made!

  5. Gorgeous fabrics as always. Lovely result.

  6. Mixing hexies and triangles makes it easier to sew the top, doesn't it? I'd almost forgotten I made a quilt with these same two templates years ago. Looks totally different from your beauty. But it was fun to make. Congratulations on getting your top together.

  7. I love your green stars. One of my favourite things in quilting is to spot an accidental pattern and repeat it deliberately.

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! You have collected such a fantastic mix of floral prints and this project showcases them beautifully! Another “wanna make” pattern for my ever-growing list…


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