Sunday, 11 May 2014

a bunch of flowers

another (small) bunch of flowers

Busy weekend, but I did manage to make one more retro flower block & I'm really enjoying the process. There is some cutting out prep to do first, then lots of curved piecing, and finally carefully joining everything up & ensuring that all seams butt together nicely. I'm focusing on improving my accuracy and I have to say the light backgrounds certainly do show up any wavering seams!  If I notice one that's "off course" I am unpicking & redoing it, so it's slow going!  However, each block turns out just that little bit better than the last one! And, including my trial one, I now have 3 completed flowers... enough for a bunch maybe, but certainly not enough for a quilt yet!
a bit more #2
next on my shopping list...
"52 Suburbs Around the World"
(including Auckland!) 
All about a 'year long slow stroll thru' 52 neighbourhoods of the world's most famous cities,
in search of beauty & interestingness, camera in one hand, daughter in the other'
 by Louise Hawson.


  1. The retro flowers are looking good. And the 52 Suburbs book looks v interesting.


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