Saturday, 26 July 2014

a little gift

Practise makes perfect, yes? I'm still determined to do more of my own machine quilting ... and this weekend let's be honest, I really needed a break from the Gypsy Wife! {she's been lingering a bit too long on the spare bed & I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed right now!}  My neighbour is due to have her baby early August so I popped over the fence & offered her a choice from a couple of unfinished quilt tops I had.  I thought I'd give easy wavy-line quilting a go to finish off this little cutie. I selected the wavy decorative stitch on my machine, made it quite a bit bigger, and simply followed the seam lines. It was certainly a v. quick & easy way to quilt, and a nice change from straight lines. As you move the quilt up & down the straight rows, the machine does the wavy action. I did still need to be very mindful of my footpedal speed & how fast I was actually moving the quilt, however I felt I got better with it as I went along. There are a few inconsistancies, I'm sure baby James won't mind!

a bit more # 15
inspiration for wavy line quilting came from here
and here
and here

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  1. What a lovely cheerful little quilt. I love the wavy line effect, especially the way it makes me look like a much better quilter than I am :-)


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