Wednesday, 2 July 2014

WiP- catching up & a bit more!

a little cluster of courthouse steps
April blocks... done!

May blocks... done too!

In between my "Olive days" I have managed to catch up a bit more with the Gypsy Wife program. If you are thinking of making this quilt at any stage I'm sure you will find it as addictive as I have! There are a few things I have noticed as I'm making these lovely little blocks, which may be helpful to others ... The individual blocks are really not complicated to make - there's just quite alot of them! I am finding using the proposed monthly schedule here is a great help to avoid getting that "bogged down" feeling, and I certainly don't want this quilt to end up in the depths of the wardrobe unfinished! I do think the more scrappier the better! But what has taken some time today has been putting a section together! At one point there, I did instinctively find myself trying to go for a more cohesive look, but  as Julie commented... "gypsy"  = bold, rich & clashing, so here goes!!

a bit more # 12
Glenys popped in tonight with her WiP
she is now putting together the BOM "40 Shades of Grey" quilt

so we have both been v. busy,
it's just that the scale of things is a wee bit different!


  1. Both are looking great. Nice and colourful.

  2. They both look fabulous! Shades of Grey is pretty impressive.


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